Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: Fatty complaining

“Snow Shadow City…..”  Ye Yu Xi repeated in her heart.

That Yan Hao she met in the mountains seemed to be the Snow Shadow City’s City Lord’s son!

“Alright, I understand.  I’ll take a trip when I have time.  Are you three planning to leave right now?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at them.

Xue Qing and Bing Ya nodded.

“Big sister Yu Xi, you’re planning to go to Snow Shadow City?”  Nangong Ying Xue asked.


Nangong Ying Xue revealed a smile as she suddenly said, “I’ve changed my mind.  Xue Qing and Bing Ya should head back first, I’ll go to Snow Shadow City with big sister Yu Xi.  We’ll come to the royal capital to find you guys in a month.”

Ye Yu Xi didn’t reject Nangong Xue Ying’s decision.  Currently Blood Enchantress only had influence in Ningyuan City, so if they go out, it would be very helpful to have Ying Xue helping.

Xue Qing and Bing Ya took the pills and left, while Nangong Ying Xue went to her room alone to rest up.

Ye Yu Xi took a nap and slept all the way until late in the morning.  Nangong Ying Xue had been exhausted for several days, not coming out until noon.

In the kitchen, the fatty kept complaining.

“Boss, I feel like you should increase my salary.  Even if you don’t increase my salary, you should give me some subsidies!”  The fatty sat there and complained.

“What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi delivered some food to her mouth before looking at the fatty.

The tableware in front of the fatty didn’t move and he was in a very low mood, “Boss it’s not that I’m stingy, but I can’t take it anymore.  Last time you made me feed Huo Ling which I could take, but Long Xiao Pang this time…..”

“Fatty, isn’t it just eating a few thing.  Then again, the things that this dragon master has taught you, which one isn’t worth as much as that bit of lamb meat?”  Long Xiao Pang sat at the side, stroking his bulging little belly.

The fatty’s face twisted as his heart filled with regret…..

“Boss, let me tell you, Huo Ling is a bit better since he can’t talk to the shopkeepers.  But Long Xiao Pang…..Boss, you don’t know this, but if it wasn’t for the shop’s oven being too small, Long Xiao Pang would have roasted an entire cow.”  The fatty’s face was twisted in pain. All those roasted lambs, roasted rabbits, roasted chicken, roasted ducks, and roasted geese!

Any kind of meat that could be roasted……It was all eaten by Long Xiao Pang.

Long Xiao Pang was smacking his lips.  His stomach was full, but he was a bit dissatisfied with the taste.  He said to the fatty, “Fatty, it has to be said, the skills of those cooks can’t compare to yours.  I’ve made a decision, you are this dragon master’s personal chef from now on. I will teach you cultivation and you’ll roast meat for me, how about it?”

Having the dragon master teach him cultivation, that was a tempting condition.

But when the fatty thought about how much Long Xiao Pang ate…..He hesitated for a bit…..

After this episode, everyone went to do their own things and Ye Yu Xi returned to her room.

Taking out the scroll Bai Jin Yi left, Ye Yu Xi remembered that she had forgotten something.  She should have taught the sound transfer technique to Xue Qing and the others. The sound transfer technique recorded in the Poison Sect’s Secret Tome was very useful to people like them!

After all, when they were on an assassination mission, it was not convenient for them to speak and they could only use hand or eye gestures to communicate.

Opening the scroll, she skipped the introduction part about alchemy and skipped right to the alchemy cauldron part.

“Oh?  There are actually this many grades to alchemy cauldrons?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the introduction related to cauldrons and saw that there were over ten different grades.  Then looking at the bottom, what was written was…..

Lowest grade, bronze cauldron……

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