Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Three people’s identities (Part 2)

“Mercenary group?  You guys made a mercenary group?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ying Xue’s group.

The three of them nodded.

“The group was formed using big sister Yu Xi’s name.  It is called Feather Wing, but it is different from Blood Enchantress.  Feather Wing is a mercenary group for gathering information.” Nangong Ying Xue laughed.

“Yes, yes, with Ying Xue’s guidance, we have eyes in the royal capital and the five main cities.  We made this group to find big sister Yu Yi and Long Fei, but it became bigger and bigger, so now there are many groups that buy information from our mercenary group.”  Dongfang Bing Ya was still very excited.

They talked about many things before the eastern horizon began to light up.  Ye Yu Xi and the others finally left the cave and returned to the city.


Other than Ye Yu Xi, there was someone else who had a sleepless night.

Bai Jin Yi!

After Bai Jin Yi left the Heaven Mountain Range, he traveled quickly, almost not stopping at all.

Not counting Shi Ying, the other nine people rested less than three hours a day.  Each person had a look of exhaustion on their faces.

Ke, ke……

Shi Ying was on the back of a female guard as she gave a few coughs and blood came out of the corner of her lips.

“Big brother…..I’m thirsty……”  Shi Ying’s voice was very weak.

Bai Jin Yi raised his hand and everyone stopped.

Bai Jin Yi had a look of worry as he moved beside Shi Ying.  He reached out his hand to wipe the blood at the corner of Shi Ying’s mouth and this blood…..didn’t have the colour of blood at all!

With a flash of light, he took out a jade bottle and let Shi Ying drink the medicine inside.

After drinking it, Shi Ying fell asleep.

Seeing Shi Ying’s weak appearance, Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes turned cold.

Ghost Asura Sect, I, Bai Jin Yi cannot co-exist with you!  

Looking over the eight guards, Bai Jin Yi ordered, “We’ll rest here.  We’ll set out in two hours.”


Ye Yu Xi’s group returned back to the manor.

When they came in, Ye Wen and Ye Man were currently in the yard practicing.  Seeing Ye Yu Xi bring people back, Ye Man was a bit stunned, “Young miss, this is…..”

“Sisters I knew before.  They’re our people who came looking for me this time.”  Ye Yu Xi simply explained.

Looking around, the fatty and the others weren’t here.  Ye Yu Xi looked back to Ye Man, “Call the fatty and the others into the conference room.”

Inside the large conference room.

Ye Yu Xi and the others sipped their tea while waiting for the fatty’s group to come.

“Boss, ah——What is it this early in the morning, wa——”  The fatty gave a yawn and calm in through the door, “Ai?  These young misses are…..”

When the fatty saw Nangong Ying Xue’s group of beauties, he instantly came to his senses.

“Wait for Shi Qing and the others to come first.”  Ye Yu Xi signaled for the fatty to find a place to sit down.

After waiting for a bit, Ye Wen, Ye Man, Qing’er, and Shi Qing came in.  Shi Qing was fine, other than cultivating, he didn’t care about other things.  Qing’er had the same eyes as the fatty, she looked at Nangong Ying Xue and the others with curiosity.

“I’ll introduce everyone, these sisters will be a part of our Blood Enchantress from now on.”  Ye Yu Xi pointed at Nangong Ying Xue’s group.

The three of them stood up and introduced themselves.

“Young miss, will these sisters living in the manor?  If they will, I’ll get people to arrange rooms for them.”  Ye Man asked Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked over at her sisters to the side.

“Ying Xue and I are fine, but Xue Qing can’t.  She snuck out this time, she still needs to go back and take care of some things.”  Dongfang Bing Ya said.

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