Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Sisters gathering

“Come, let’s go in and talk.”  Ye Yu Xi brought Bing Ya into the room.

“Big sister Yu Xi, we’ve searched so long for you.  I never thought you would really be alive, this is great!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Dongfang Bing Ya in front of her, her face was exactly the same as when they were on earth.

“When the airplane was hit by lightning, I strangely came over here.  The original owner of this body was luckily also called Ye Yu Xi. What about you guys?  Did you also transmigrate here?”

“We are the same, everyone’s name and appearance are the same.  Xue Qing and Ying Xue, they are still alive.” Dongfang Bing Ya nodded.

Hearing these names, Ye Yu Xi’s heart filled with excitement.  These people, they were the members of the Blood Enchantress from her previous world!

“How did you guys find this place?”

“We were together when we crossed over.  When we woke up, the three of us were locked together.  We killed out guards and escaped. After that, although our names and appearances were the same, we knew that this world was not earth.”  Dongfang Bing Ya recalled.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  It seemed like this strange transmigration needed some conditions to be met, but at least the names and appearances would be the same.

“That’s right, Bing Qing and Xue Ying are still in the western mountains.  Big sister Yu Xi, let’s quickly call them over.” Dongfang Bing Ya was filled with joy seeing Ye Yu Xi.

These girls really knew how to find places, they actually didn’t hide in the city.  No wonder Ye Man and the others couldn’t find them in Ningyuan City.

“Let’s go over to them instead.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

Ye Yu Xi told Ye Wen and the others before following Dongfang Bing Ya to the western mountains.

On the way, Ye Yu Xi asked Bing Ya some things about what happened after they crossed over.

Ye Yu Xi found that she had crossed over around a year later than Dongfang Bing Ya’s group.  As for the reason…..it was unknown.

Until she founded Blood Enchantress recently and Bing Ya’s group noticed it, they finally came over to investigate.

Approaching the western mountains and looking in front of here, there was a bitter smile in Ye Yu Xi’s heart.  She really was fated with this cave, first she subdued the fatty here and now her sisters were hiding in this cave.


Inside the cave.

Mu Xue Qing wildly ran over and charged into the cave.  Once she entered the cave, she anxiously shouted, “This is bad, Ying Xue, Bing Ya and I failed.”

When Nangong Ying Xue beside the fire heard this, she immediately stood up, “Failed?  The leader of Blood Enchantress was not big sister Yu Xi?”

Nangong Ying Xue immediately analyzed Mu Xue Qing’s words.  If the Blood Enchantress leader was Ye Yu Xi, they wouldn’t have been in danger.  If it wasn’t…..

“Did you fight with the other side?”  Nangong Ying Xue suddenly asked.

Mu Xue Qing nodded, “Bing Ya fight with her, but the other side didn’t use earth’s fighting techniques.  She was the same as the other cultivators, she used spiritual energy.”

This is bad!

Nangoong Ying Xue’s heart filled with surprise.  The other side was not the person they were looking for and Bing Ya had fallen into their hands.  Today’s matter would be troublesome!

“Go and contact our people, prepare to rescue Bing Ya.”  Nangong Ying Xue quickly made a decision. They had already sent the mask and if it was Ye Yu Xi, she would recognize it.  Now…..

“No need to save anyone, we’re here!”  Ye Yu Xi loudly said at the entrance of the cave.  The cold voice in this silent night was especially piercing.

Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing suddenly looked at each other!  This voice! It wasn’t Bing Ya!

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