Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Sign language

Ye Yu Xi used her mental energy to see the other side’s movements and was deeply shocked!

This is……sign language!  It was actually sign language!

The two black clothed people stood on the roof looking at each other, both of them had red masks on their faces with black lines on them.  The method the two of them communicated with each other was in sign language used by earth soldiers while in combat!

The two gestured for a while before finally giving an ok hand sign.  With a nod, they went left and right respectively and jumped down from the roof.

Inside the room.

Ye Yu Xi’s breathing became faster.  She put away the scroll and put on a black cloak before jumping out of the room.

“Raiding a manor at night, who are you!”  Ye Yu Xi’s figure was covered by the cloak and looked quite mysterious.

Dong, dong, dong!

When Ye Yu Xi spoke, footsteps came from all around.  Ye Wen and Ye Man had placed guards in the manor these past few days and when they heard the young miss call out, they quickly charged over.

The two black clothed people heard these footsteps and their expressions slightly changed.  They had been fine sneaking in in the past few days.

They saw a new “guest” appearing in the yard today and decided to investigate.  They never thought they would be found as soon as they arrived.

“Go!”  The two black clothed people looked at each other and escaped to the left and right respectively.

The two were very smart, escaping in two directions.  This one, the other side could only chase one of them.


The two black clothed people had just jumped onto the roof when Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold.  Stepping off, she shot out towards them.


Ye Yu Xi’s reaction was very quick and flying out, she immediately caught up to one of them.  She grabbed that person’s foot and pulled them out of the air.

That black clothed person saw that she was caught by Ye Yu Xi and shouted to the other person, “Quickly leave.”

After this, she turned and sent a kick at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi casually lifted her hand to stop it.  With Ye Yu Xi’s strength, if she wanted to kill this person, it would only take three moves, but she didn’t use a fatal move.

Dong, dong, dong.

The black clothed person sent out consecutive clean moves, but they were all easily blocked by Ye Yi Xi.

The more they fought, the greater the fluctuations in Ye Yu Xi’s heart became.  The person in front was using…..combat skills!

It wasn’t the spiritual energy techniques the cultivators of the Purple Cloud Continent used, it was earth’s fighting techniques.

After a few moves, Ye Yu Xi didn’t have any more patience.  Turning around, moving as fast as lightning, she pulled off the mask of the black clothed person.

Seeing the girl’s face, Ye Yu Xi was a bit stunned as she unconsciously said, “Bing Ya?”

“Who are you?”  When the girl called Bing Ya by Ye Yu Xi saw that the person in front no longer made a move, knowing that she couldn’t harm the other side, she stopped attacking.

Ye Yu Xi slowly took off her cloak.  Under the moonlight, the beautiful face could be clearly seen.  She softly said, “Ye Yu Xi.”

Dongfang Bing Ya saw Ye Yu Xi’s face and was frozen on the spot, “Big sister Yu Xi!  You’re really still alive!”

Dongfang Bing Ya threw herself into Ye Yu Xi’s chest, tightly hugging Ye Yu Xi.  Her heart didn’t believe this was real.

Ye Yu Xi patted Bing Ya’s back and turned to Ye Wen and Ye Man to say, “There’s nothing here, you can go rest.  Tell the others that the alert can be relieved as of tonight, they are not enemies.”

Ye Wen and the others nodded and understandingly returned to their rooms, leaving Ye Yu Xi and Bing Ya in the yard alone.

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