Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: Three main occupations?

Ye Yu Xi just remembered this.  In the mountains she promised that she would treat Long Xiao Pang to lamb meat when she came back, until he was full…..

“I’ll call the fatty to bring you out to eat later.  That’s right, dragon master, when I used the Beast Flame recently, I feel like something is missing.  I always feel something crucial is missing, what is going on?” Ye Yu Xi asked.

Long Xiao Pang angrily pursed his lips and extended two fingers.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi was a bit confused.  What did Long Xiao Pang mean by this?

Long Xiao Pang puffed out his little cheeks and said in a somewhat angry voice, “Two thousand whole roasted lambs!  I’ll tell you after I finish eating!”

Ye Yu Xi let out a sigh and helplessly nodded.  She thought that Long Xiao Pang and Huo Ling, their skills didn’t increase so why did their appetite increase day by day…..

After calling the fatty to take Long Xiao Pang out to find lamb meat from the restaurants in the city, Ye Yu Xi sat in the middle of the room and closed her eyes.

It was rare relaxing day.

Calculating the time, that Purple Thunder Pill should be sold soon.  Although she wasn’t lacking in money, the Five Dragon Array being sold was worth a visit.  Perhaps she would receive a pleasant surprise.

Seeing that it was still early, Ye Yu Xi took out the scroll Bai Jin Yi gave her explaining alchemists.  This scroll had some basic information on alchemists, but Ye Yu Xi had been busy with cultivation, so she didn’t have time to look it over.

Alchemist: One of the most noble occupations on the Purple Cloud Continent……

There was a list of the specialties of alchemists, but there was one sentence that caught Ye Yu Xi’s eye.

Alchemists were first among the three main occupations!

Three main occupations?

Ye Yu Xi was clear on the specialties of alchemists in her heart.  If alchemists were one of three main occupations, there should be two more occupations!

But…..Ye Yu Xi had never heard of this before!  It seems like there were quite a few secrets on the Purple Cloud Continent.

She kept going downwards.

Pill grades: Grades one to nine……

Grade one pill: Can treat injuries and nourish spiritual energy.

Grade two pill: Can aid cultivation and can heal internal injuries.

Grade three pill……


Grade seven pill……

Grade eight pill: Can give birth to pill beasts, can nurture pill races, can avoid heavenly disaster.

Grade nine pill: When the pill is formed, the world will change, the clouds will shake, one will need to withstand the heavenly disaster.  After the pill is formed, it can revive the dead, regrow flesh and bone, or even give…..eternal life!

The more she read, the more Ye Yu Xi doubted if what was written was wrong.  A pill beast could be understood, but what was a pill race?

As for the eternal life mentioned by the grade nine pill…..

Ye Yu Xi raised one brow.  This alchemist scroll, was it joking?  If one wanted to live forever with a pill, could it be this pill wasn’t refined by humans?

Without knowing it, half a day passed.  The night approached and the sky became dimmer.

Cha, cha, cha, ka…..

Several faint sounds entered Ye Yu Xi’s ears.  Ye Yu Xi looked over and piqued her ears to listen to the sounds.


Another faint sound entered Ye Yu Xi’s ears.  If Ye Yu Xi hadn’t comprehended mental energy, she wouldn’t have been able to hear this faint sound inside her room!

With a thought, Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy extended outwards, filling the entire room.  With Ye Yu Xi carrying the Qilin Horn around these past few days, her mental energy had already become stronger.

In a few meters, Ye Yu Xi could see people’s movements with her mental energy and it wasn’t like faint figures like before.

On the roof of Ye Yu Xi’s room, two black clothed people were standing there without making a sound, exchanging something.

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