Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: Can be considered top grade medicinal material

Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder shook its head and called out twice, not agreeing to the little monkey’s request.

The little monkey called out a few times again and for a long time, the Purple Thunder Monkey elder had no way to deal with the little monkey, so it turned to the cliff behind it.


The morning of the second day.

The sun had just risen and Ye Yu Xi had woken up.  They had already decided to head back to Ningyuan City today and if they left early and moved quickly, they could head back before noon.

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey saw that Ye Yu Xi’s group was up and quickly ran over.  It jumped onto the fatty’s shoulder and kept rubbing its little head against the fatty’s face.

“We’ve disturbed you these past few days.  If there is another chance, we will come back to visit again.”  Ye Yu Xi said a few words to the Purple Thunder Monkey elder. When she wanted to leave, the Purple Thunder Monkey elder called out to her.

Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder pointed at the cliff, signalling to Ye Yu Xi to wait a bit.

After a while, the Purple Thunder Monkey King’s figure slowly appeared from the trees.

The Purple Thunder Monkey King arrived in front of Ye Yu Xi’s group and it reached out its furry paws.  There were two fruits in the monkey king’s hands which looked like the Purple Source Berry, but it was bigger than normal Purple Source Berries.

Normal Purple Source Berries were purple and these two Purple Source Berries had silver lines on them.

Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey King saw that Ye Yu Xi didn’t take the berries and called out twice.

“Take them, it is giving them to you.  Outside of the Heaven Mountain Range, they could be considered high level medicinal materials.”  Long Xiao Pang snorted beside Ye Yu Xi. Looking at his disdainful expression, he was looking down on the berries.

Since Ye Yu Xi met Long Xiao Pang, there was only the Qilin Horn that could attract Long Xiao Pang’s attention.

Ye Yu Xi took the two large Purple Source Berries and saw the Purple Thunder Monkey King turning towards the fatty.

Zhi, zhi!

The monkey king called out twice and looked at the little monkey with unwilling eyes.  Its other hand reached out and it was holding another two large Purple Source Berries.

Zhi, zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey called out a few times to the monkey king.

“Dragon master, what is the monkey king saying?”  The fatty turned to Long Xiao Pang. He really couldn’t understand the language of the monkeys.

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his nose and casually translated, “It’s asking you to take care of the little monkey.  That berry is compensation to you and the other one is for the little monkey which it wants you to keep for now.”

“Oh~~”  The fatty heard Long Xiao Pang’s words and understood the monkey king’s meaning.  He happily took the Purple Source Berry and placed it into his Space Ring.

He patted his chest and said to the monkey king, “Old brother can be assured, once we leave the mountains, I will definitely treat the little monkey like my brother.  I won’t let it be bullied at all!”

When Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er heard the fatty talk about generations, their hearts were filled with speechlessness…..

The little monkey leaving the monkey group was naturally filled with unwillingness.

Long Xiao Pang entered the Ye Yu Xi’s chaotic space before leaving.  As for the little monkey, it couldn’t enter the chaotic space, so the fatty’s shoulder became its special seat.

On the way back, they were much faster compared to before, with the greatest difference being Shi Qing.  Shi Qing had been training for a month and he had already caught up to the fatty and Qing’er, at least not having a problem in terms of speed.

According to Ye Yu Xi, even if it was the fatty, it wouldn’t be too likely for him to win against the current Shi Qing in a hundred moves.

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