Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Abnormality with Blood Enchantress

Shi Qing didn’t seem that strong with this comparison, but the fatty was in the sixth spiritual level!

They ran out of the mountains and entered the Heaven Mountain Range inn.

There weren’t many mercenaries here in the morning, there were just a few passersby having breakfast in the restaurant.

Ye Yu Xi’s group had not sat down for long when they heard the sounds coming from another few tables.

“Have you heard, Blood Enchantress haven’t taken any tasks lately!  It’s said that they were heavily injured by someone!”

“How could that be.  It’s said they are going to develop their power in the capital.  How could a small place like Ningyuan City be enough for them.”

“Don’t talk if you don’t know anything, going to the capital.  Let me tell you guys, I’ve heard the Spiritualist Guild’s people say…..”

Ye Yu Xi’s group sat there without saying a word.  Hearing the discussions of these guests, their expressions fell.

“Go, head to the city.”  Ye Yu Xi heard a half and suddenly made her decision.

Not caring if what those people said were true, but they couldn’t run away from it.  Something could have happened to Ye Wen and Ye Man during these past few days!

The fatty threw a gold coin onto the table and quickly called the waiter over.  After receiving their horses, they flew off towards Ningyuan City.

When they arrived in Ningyuan City, it was already close to noon.

Ye Yu Xi had left Ningyuan City for a month this time.  Before she left, she had told Ye Wen and Ye Man to use the new mansion given to them by Mo Tian Chou as a new training ground.  While she didn’t know what happened to Ye Wen and Ye Man, Ye Yu Xi didn’t rush to the mansion and returned to the little yard she bought.

Zhi ya.

The fatty pushed open the door to the little yard.


The fatty had just pushed open the door to the little yard when a sword flew at him.

“Damn!”  The fatty’s eyes popped out and he kicked off, quickly dodging the sword.

When the person attacking fatty saw they missed, they wanted to slash the sword across the fatty’s neck, but the fatty was much faster than them.

The fatty took a step back and his large hands were like chains as they grabbed the hand of the sword wielding person.  Turning his waist, he threw that person out. With another suddenly step, he caught up to that person and sent out a punch.

“Fatty, stop!”

When the two were about to hit, Ye Yu Xi who came in second notice what happened and even saw the appearance of the person who attacked the fatty!  She called out to stop the fatty!


The fatty heard Ye Yu Xi and his fist stopped right in front of the assailant’s nose.

“Un?  Why is it a child?”  The fatty stopped his fist and also saw the appearance of his “assailant”.  He was stunned and also a bit confused.

The person who had been thrown by the fatty was actually a little girl who was only twelve-thirteen years old!  Her body was thin and her eyes were clear, but they were very cold.

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey came from behind and jumped onto the fatty’s shoulder, looking at the little girl with the fatty.

When the little girl on the ground saw the fatty stopping, she grabbed the sword beside her and wanted to attack again.

“Bai You, stop!”

Hearing this sound, the little girl finally stopped moving.

Deng, deng, deng!

Ye Wen ran out from the back and she saw Ye Yu Xi, revealing a look of joy.  She said to the little girl, “Bai You, this is the young miss. Why are you not greeting her?”

With a guang dang sound.

The sword was thrown to the ground and she kneeled to Ye Yu Xi on one knee, as she said, “Bai You greets the young miss.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Qing’er beside her and Qing’er helped Bai You up.

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