Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: Guess how many moves

Ye Yu Xi looked into Shi Qing’s determined eyes and nodded.  She stood up and walked into the woods.

“Ai, Qing’er, how many moves do you think Shi Qing will be able to last against boss after a month of training?”  The fatty looked at Shi Qing being taken away by Ye Yu Xi and whispered to Qing’er.

Qing’er watched Shi Qing leave and confidently said, “I think at most three moves, the young miss has become stronger lately.”

The fatty shook his head.  The scene of him being “educated” by the boss during the past few days flashed in his eyes and he was filled with fear, shrinking his neck back.  He said in a small voice, “I feel that if the boss uses all her strength, it would only take a single move. Don’t forget, the boss has a Beast Flame.”

As expected, after a while, Shi Qing came limping back with Ye Yu Xi.

“Look at Shi Qing’s face, I feel that I was right, he must have been instantly killed by the boss.  That child Shi Qing is really pitiful, he has such good talent, but he met these two freaks.” The fatty looked at Shi Qing’s limping form and his heart filled with sympathy.

Qing’er nudged the fatty and said in a low voice, “Look at Shi Qing’s face, do you think something is off?”

The fatty scratched his head as he looked carefully, “There’s nothing different, he still has that same dead face.  He doesn’t even have a trace of emotion.”

“No, it’s not the same as before.  Do you remember the expression Shi Qing had the first time he sparred with the young miss in the little yard?”  Qing’er was a girl after all, so she paid more attention to detail compared to the fatty.

“What are you two muttering?”  Ye Yu Xi walked beside the fatty and Qing’er, seeing the two of them chatting and looking at her.

“No, nothing.”  The fatty quickly responded.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty before ignoring it and speaking in a cold voice, “Pack up, we’re heading back to Ningyuan City tomorrow.”

“We’re leaving tomorrow?”  The fatty and Qing’er were a bit stunned.  They estimated that they would have two months for this training session, so why were they heading back halfway?

Ye Yu Xi nodded and didn’t explain to the two of them.

Ye Yu Xi had been discussing with Long Xiao Pang in the past few days, they had to head to the capital city no matter what.  Ye Yu Xi had already “pilfered” everything from Yan Hua’s Space Ring. There were quite a few gold coins and materials inside, as well as some trash cultivation techniques.

As for these trash cultivation techniques, of course they were trash in the eyes of Ye Yu Xi and Long Xiao Pang, but if they were placed in the eyes of the Ningyuan City forces, they would most likely fight over them.  Yan Hua was an alchemist after all, so he had quite a few good things.

Other than these, there was an invitation to the Alchemist Selection Meet.

After discussing this with Long Xiao Pang, Ye Yu Xi decided to go to the Alchemist Selection Meet for a look.  Her reason for going there wasn’t to fight for a spot in the Alchemist Academy, but rather for the first place prize, a Golden Cauldron!  

Ye Yu Xi’s bronze cauldron had already exploded.  If she wanted to continue refining pills, she needed a decent cauldron.

After practicing for a few days, Ye Yu Xi had preliminary control over the Beast Flame inside her.  As for how it affected refining pills, she didn’t have a cauldron, so she couldn’t test it.


Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey sat beside the Purple Thunder Monkey elder, constantly talking to the elder about something.  It also occasionally pointed at the fatty, as if what it said was related to the fatty.

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