Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: Matter related to the fatty

Good fellow, this monkey king liked to pat people on the shoulder!  The fatty was very doubtful if the other monkeys weren’t as tall because they couldn’t grow from being patted on the shoulder.

Over the next few days, Ye Yu Xi’s group entered “hell training” mode.  Not only Shi Qing, even the fatty and Qing’er under Ye Yu Xi’s request increased the intensity of their training.

With Ye Yu Xi’s pills, fighting the Purple Thunder Monkeys, and having Long Xiao Pang secretly helping when they were cultivating, their cultivations advanced at a quick pace.

Qing’er already reached the fifth spiritual level, the fatty reached the sixth spiritual level, and as for Shi Qing, he reached the peak fourth spiritual level in just a short month.

But Ye Yu Xi could see that although Qing’er’s cultivation was higher than Shi Qing’s, if they really fought, it would be Shi Qing who would last to the end.

Dong, dong, dong!

Shi Qing’s figure passed through the trees and his feet kept kicking off trunks, changing his trajectory.  Surrounding Shi Qing were seven-eight adult Purple Thunder Monkeys.

Ye Yu Xi stood not far away using her mental energy to follow Shi Qing’s movements.  It had to be said, Shi Qing’s sense of attacks was the sharpest among the people she had seen!

There were some attacks that couldn’t be dodged according to logic, but Shi Qing estimated where the monkeys would attack beforehand and evade ahead of time.

Seeing Shi Qing’s movement, Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod in her mind.  In less than a month, Shi Qing had gone from the third spiritual level to the peak fourth spiritual level.  Sensing Shi Qing’s spiritual energy waves, breaking through to the fifth spiritual level was a matter of time.

“Young miss, I have something I want to discuss with you.”  Qing’er’s voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi turned around and saw Qing’er with a worried expression.  Ye Yu Xi had already noticed that something was on Qing’er’s mind, but Qing’er never said anything, so Ye Yu Xi never asked.  Seeing Qing’er now, she said in a soft voice, “What is it?”

The two of them arrived at a quiet place.

“Young miss, this is something related to the fatty.  The day you came back, we were fighting people and the fatty said something emotional.  I, Zheng Hao Peng…..as well as something about a great grudge.” Qing’er said this and silently looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and gave Qing’er a smile, “Qing’er, the fatty is a part of Blood Enchantress.  Not only the fatty, including Shi Qing and Bai Jin Yi, everyone has their own thoughts and secrets, but that isn’t important.  The important thing is that they belong to Blood Enchantress.”

Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s words, the worry on Qing’er’s face eased a bit.  These few days, Qing’er had always been worried about this matter. She was afraid that after the young miss learned of this…..

“Alright, go and cultivare.  We’ll return to Ningyuan City in another two days.”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand and let Qing’er leave to cultivate.

Watching Qing’er leave, Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile.  This girl wasn’t young anymore, she should find someone for her to marry.


Staying in the mountain for another two days, their training didn’t raise anything and they were mainly cooking for the monkeys…..This only made it hard for the fatty.

“Young miss, I want to spar with you.”  After eating lunch, Shi Qing arrived in front of Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at Shi Qing in front of her.  Shi Qing have been training strangely hard these past few days and adding in his pretty good talent and Violent Blood Physique helping him, among these people, Shi Qing’s cultivation was the weakest, but he was the first to learn the Purple Thunder Monkey King’s technique.

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