Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: One fighting a group (Part 2)

This furry browed large man’s cultivation was in the high fifth spiritual level!

Even if the mysterious person was in the sixth spiritual level, was it possible to make someone in the high fifth spiritual level lose their battle strength in such a short period of time!?

Ye Yu Xi held the back of the furry browed large man’s neck.  Her hand moved from her side and revealed herself from under her cloak to everyone.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Ye Yu Xi’s lips under her cloak formed an elegant smile.  Her wrist twisted and a kacha sound rang out!

The sound of neck bone breaking sounded in everyone’s ears.


With a flick of Ye Yu Xi’s hand, the furry browed large man was thrown in front of everyone.

“Scram out of here and I won’t chase what happened.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a hoarse voice. The people in front all came from large families and if they all fought back, with Ye Yu Xi’s strength, it would be hard to take care of.

“Humph!  Just one person wants to resist the power of our families?  This old man will take care of you!” An old man who had a prestigious standing among the families came out.

When the old man spoke, the faces of the large families members relaxed.  This old man had some fame in the northern front, he was in the high sixth spiritual level!  Among them, he could be placed in the top five.

“Scram.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over this old man and didn’t care about him at all.  With Ye Yu Xi’s current strength, with her Beast Flame and mental energy, it was easy for Ye Yu Xi to take care of anyone under the eighth spiritual level.


The old man was a dominant person, so how could he be willing to accept reprimand from someone.  His legs filled with power as he charged at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the old man charging at her and her eyes narrowed.  One hand became a claw as she gathered spiritual energy in her palm.

“Watch this move!”  The old man’s fist was about to fall, but Ye Yu Xi suddenly moved.

Ye Yu Xi’s legs filled with energy and with her quickest speed, she turned into black lightning.  She appeared behind the old man in the blink of an eye.

The target in front of him suddenly disappeared and the old man’s withered face filled with shock.  He looked up, there was nothing! They weren’t above!

In the next instant, the old man’s thin body was lifted up by someone.

Ye Yu Xi held the old man up by the waist and lifted him over her head without any effort.  The old man couldn’t react to this at all. There was a sharp gaze that appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.


Turquoise flame suddenly appeared!  They spread from Ye Yu Xi’s palm to the old man’s waist and then spread to both sides of his body from his waist.


The old man was in the sixth spiritual level with rich spiritual energy, but it was a pity that in front of the Beast Flame, this spiritual energy couldn’t defend him at all.  In an instant, the turquoise flames spread over half the old man’s body.

Under the burning and corrosion of the Beast Flame, the old man felt like he was being skinned by someone.  The pain reached the depths of his soul and his limbs writhed as he let out a pitiful cry.


Ye Yu Xi flicked her hand and the old man was thrown to the feet of these people.  Only this was no longer a living person, but rather an intense burning flame person!

“Ah~~Save me, save me!”

The Beast Flame had already reached the old man’s chest and with his spiritual energy, he didn’t die for now.  He struggled on to the ground as his hands wildly grabbed out, begging for people to save him.

Only…..No one spoke and no one came forward.

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