Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: You obtained the Beast Flame?

Ji Wu Ye finished cursing and confidently looked at Fang Leng Qing beside him as if he was saying…..This is my style, this is my attitude, truly overbearing!

“Scram, I’m not interested in talking to a nobody.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ji Wu Ye cursing her and wasn’t interested at all.

“Are you fucking tired of living!  Do you know who I am! My father is the Ice Mist Country’s great general Ji, if you offend me, I will……”


Ye Yu Xi coldly spat out this word and it was like a ghost from the nine hells.  This cold voice made Ji Wu Ye completely speechless.

“Young master Ji, please calm down.  This old man will deal with this person.”  Yan Hua’s face was dark and he stopped Ji Wu Ye who wanted to make a move.

“Elder Yan, how could this person be worthy of you making a move!”  Ji Wu Ye looked over feeling very dissatisfied. This person in front actually told him to scram!  He had to make this person pay.

Fang Leng Qing couldn’t look at this idiot any longer.  Ji Wu Ye’s eyes had been filled with lust since had first taken a look at her.  If it wasn’t for those sixth spiritual level subordinates he had, Feng Leng Qing wouldn’t even look at Ji Wu Ye.

“Young master Ji, elder Yan has his plans, so let’s just listen to elder Yan.”  Fang Leng Qing gave Ji Wu Ye a fake smile. Her hand pulled at Ji Wu Ye’s arm and secretly signalled for him not to be angry.

When Ji Wu Ye’s arm was pulled at by Fang Leng Qing, the anger instantly disappeared from his face.  He looked over Fang Leng Qing’s chest and softly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Miss Fang is right, I’m being impulsive.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the people not that far away in front of her and looked at the man who cursed her, it was clear he was attracted by Fang Leng Qing’s beauty.  She gave a cold snort, “Yan Hua, your dog isn’t properly taught!”

“You!”  Ji Wu Ye was once again angered by Ye Yu Xi’s words.

Yan Hua reached out and stopped Ji Wu Ye who wanted to charge forward.  He looked down and said, “Leng Qing, take young master Ji and look around the area.  Blood Enchantress rarely work alone, so see if there is anyone around. I’ll take care of the person in front.”

Yan Hua was very calculative.  Back in the Ye Manor’s back mountain, the Blood Enchantress had run away when they saw him make a move, so their strength wasn’t comparable to his.  If there wasn’t an accident in the end, this group wouldn’t have been able to escape.

Fang Leng Qing nodded.  She looked over at Ji Wu Ye and the two of them retreated back into the forest with the followers, seeing if there were traces of Blood Enchantress members around them.

Ye Yu Xi saw Fang Leng Qing and the man leave with the others.  Ye Yu Xi didn’t know why they were leaving, but it was enough for this old thief Yan Hua to stay!

“You killed the Blood Crystal Python and obtained the Beast Flame?”  Yan Hua’s old face was dark and his eyes had already noticed the cut off snake head on the ground.

“They’ve left, now you should die!”  Ye Yu Xi didn’t waste words with Yan Hua.  Throwing out this one sentence, she charged forward towards where Yan Hua was standing.


Yan Hua roared as he had already taken out his iron rod which was flying at Ye Yu Xi.


The dagger hidden under Ye Yu Xi’s cloak clashed with Yan Hua’s iron rod and it let out a clear clashing sound.


Their fists slammed together and they separated, jumping a few meters back.

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