Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: It’s only high profound grade

Ye Yu Xi looked around her and walked out of the “turtle shell”.

Long Xiao Pang and Huo Ling at child size could directly could out, but Ye Yu Xi’s tall body could only crawl out.

“Master!  You’re awake!  This treasure is about to starve to death.”  Huo Ling saw that Ye Yu Xi finally swallowed the Beast Flame and excitedly flew over.  He called out to Ye Yu Xi before charging into the chaotic space.

“How do you feel!”  Long Xiao Pang had an expectant look, he had put in quite a bit of effort into Ye Yu Xi!

Ye Yu Xi stood in the open space and stretched out her body, causing many cracking sounds from her joints.

Her body revealed a faint smile.  This feeling, Ye Yu Xi was very familiar with.  Her current strength was in the high sixth spiritual level!

Ye Yu Xi cycled her spiritual energy to examine her body.  She reached out her palm and with a thought, a turquoise flame surrounded her entire hand.

Un?  The first thing Ye Yu Xi felt was not the heat of the flame, but rather the change with her spiritual energy.  Her spiritual energy was cycling much faster!

Ka!  Si, si——

Ye Yu Xi flicked her hand and the Beast Flame in her hand fell onto a nearby rock.  The turquoise flame touched the rock and it didn’t scatter into sparks, but rather it stuck to the rock and the heat created several cracks on the rock.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes narrowed and a bit of surprise filled them.  The Beast Flame she threw out, the strength was within her expectations.  If it was a normal spiritual flame, it would not stick on and keep burning.  Not only did her Beast Flame stick onto it, it also sounds of corrosion!

Was it because if was refined by the Dark Poison God’s Art……

Ye Yu Xi thought this in her heart and thought over the Dark Poison God’s Art’s introduction.  The Dark Poison God’s Art was the Poison Sect’s secret inherited cultivation technique and a real “poison technique”!  Was it really not because of the cultivation technique?!

“Your swallowing cultivation technique, it has evolved, right?”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi with a smile. The cultivation technique Ye Yu Xi had came from him, so Long Xiao Pang was very clear on the content.

“It has only evolved to the high profound grade.”  Ye Yu Xi nodded, looking quite casual.

Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi’s casual appearance and he curled his lips as he said in a “cynical voice”, “Only evolved…..Do you know how much of a gap there is between each cultivation technique level?”

Ye Yu Xi was a bit stunned.  She had alway cultivated a profound grade cultivation technique, she never found any gaps!

“Cycle your spiritual energy to look over your body.”  Long Xiao Pang was too lazy to explain to Ye Yu Xi…..This girl, other than her innate talent, there were many things she didn’t know!

Ye Yu Xi used her mind to investigate her spiritual energy.  Her spiritual energy was guided by her thoughts and she cycled it with her cultivation technique.


Ye Yu Xi found that before her spiritual energy was only cycled by a few meridians, but now there were some small meridians that she didn’t know about that began to transport spiritual energy!

Could it be that there were hidden meridians in the bodies of the Purple Cloud Continent that she didn’t know about?

Ye Yu Xi used her mind to look over her body again.  When she came to the spiritual sea inside her dantian, Ye Yu Xi found that her spiritual sea was a bit bigger!  Although it wasn’t clear, it was indeed bigger than before.

“Dragon master, what difference is there between a low level and high level cultivation technique?”  Ye Yu Xi’s expression became serious.

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