Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: Young master Bai?

Ye Wen stood on the roof as she looked down at the over ten people in the yard.

Bai Jin Yi looked up at Ye Wen and a strange look appeared in her eyes as she unconsciously said, “Young master Bai?”

She jumped off the roof and Ye Wen led Bai Jin Yi’s group into the room.

“No need, we still have other matters.”  Where is Ye Yu Xi and the others?” Bai Jin Yi said.

“The young miss went to the Heaven Mountain Range to find a Beast Flame.  The fatty and Shi Qing are training with the Purple Thunder Monkeys.” Ye Wen said.

Bai Jin Yi gave a nod before leading shadow and the others away from the yard, heading to the Heaven Mountain Range.

The clothes Bai Jin Yi’s group were wearing were very conspicuous.  Without mentioning Bai Jin Yi’s dragon cloak, even the shadow and the eight guards were wearing things normal people wouldn’t wear.

Counting the shadow, there were four men and woman.  Shadow’s group of four were wearing black clothes as they surrounded Bai Jin Yi.  The other four girls were wearing white clothes as they surrounded Shi Ying.

“Big brother, is big brother Shi Qing in the Heaven Mountain Range?”

Shi Ying was on the back of a female bodyguard, asking Bai Jin Yi questions from time to time.

Bai Jin Yi gave an “un” sound and didn’t say anything as he began to move faster.

What Bai Jin Yi wanted to see the most was…..Ye Yu Xi.

Shi Ying was naturally the “young miss” Bai Jin Yi came to Ningyuan City to find and also Bai Jin Yi’s blood related little sister.  She was separated from him in a plot ten years ago and they hadn’t been reunited until now.

Bai Jin Yi was headed to the Extreme Frozen Land mentioned by the elders and passed by the Ice Mist Country, so he came for a visit.

Naturally, the one Shi Ying wanted to see the most was not Ye Yu Xi, but rather her “big brother Shi Qing”.

In just over two hours, Bai Jin Yi’s group arrived at the Purple Thunder Monkey’s gathering area.

Shi Ying saw Shi Qing practicing with the Purple Thunder Monkeys in the distance and she shouted out “big brother!” before quickly running over.

Shi Qing who had been training with the Purple Thunder Monkeys suddenly heard his little sister’s voice and his body froze as he was stunned on the spot.

That voice…..It was too familiar.

It was hard for Shi Qing to turn around as he saw his little sister running at him.  Without saying a word, his eyes turned red.

Shi Ying threw herself into Shi Qing’s embrace and tightly held him.  He placed her head against Shi Qing’s chest and kept softly calling, “Big brother, big brother…..”

Bai Jin Yi looked at shadow and the other guards and they tactfully left.  They went to form a perimeter, giving space to the Shi siblings.

Seeing the two hugging, Bai Jin Yi’s lips curled into a smile and he turned to leave.

He found the fatty under a big tree and Bai Jin Yi asked the fatty, “Where’s Ye Yu Xi?  Where did she go?”

“Ya!  Young master Bai, long time no see, long time no see.”  The fatty sat up and laughed, “You’re planning to look for boss?”

Bai Jin Yi nodded.

“Boss went into the mountain to find the Beast Flame.  That’s right, I heard Qing’er say that Yan Hua’s group should also be in the mountain.”  The fatty said.

Bai Jin Yi nodded as he disappeared from the mountain, leaving the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ gathering spot.  Bai Jin Yi went searching in the depths of the mountains.


In the depths of the Serpentine Mountains.

Ye Yu Xi neatly cut a hole in the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s head, revealing the longan sized demon core to her eyes.

“This is the demon core?”

Ye Yu Xi held the Jade Toad Blood Crystal Python’s demon core in her hand, carefully looking it over.

The demon core was a faint blue colour that was incomparably smooth and cool to the touch.

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