Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Huo Ling’s success

Waving at Long Xiao Pang, the two of them followed.  It was good that Huo Ling didn’t fly too fast and the two of them could follow him.

Huo Ling flew for a few minutes and found a small lake.  He dived down in the air and fell to the lake, lowering his head to drink the water.

“Ah, so hot, so hot!”  Huo Ling drank a small mouthful and jumped up chirping, screaming hot without stop.

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up and said to Huo Ling in the air, “Little dumb bird, you did it.”

“You mean…..that spirit beast is here?!”  Ye Yu Xi hesitated for a bit before reacting to what Long Xiao Pang meant.

Long Xiao Pang nodded.

Huo Ling opened his little mouth and kept taking in cold breaths.  He fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder as he chirped and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Ye Yu Xi walked beside the lake and put a finger in the water to fee the temperature.  It was no wonder Huo Ling said it was hot, it seemed like normal lake water, but it was over seventy degrees.

It was most likely because the spirit beast was hiding in the lake.

Ye Yu Xi looked over the calm lake and didn’t see anything strange.  She helplessly looked at Long Xiao Pang, “How do we draw it out? It has just been injured, it shouldn’t come out that easily.”

“It’s very simple, don’t you have several stalks of Extreme Ice Grass?  Just put a few drops of Extreme Ice Grass liquid into the water.” Long Xiao Pang saw that Huo Ling wanted to go back into the chaotic space and quickly stopped him, “Little dumb bird, wait a bit before going back to eat.  Stay outside for a bit, perhap you’ll be able to help your master.”

Huo Ling looked at Long Xiao Pang before looking at Ye Yu Xi.  Hearing that he could help his master, he fell down onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

Ye Yu Xi took out a piece of Extreme Ice Grass from her Space Ring.


A spiritual energy flame appeared in her hand and that Extreme Ice Grass was lit up.  It kept burning until a stream of blue liquid fell into Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

“Quickly throw it!”  Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi’s actions and quickly called out.

Actually there was no need for Long Xiao Pang to speak.  When the drops of liquid fell into Ye Yu Xi’s hand, her face had a large change!

Half of her palm actually lost all sensation.  She quickly flicked her wrist and threw the drops into the lake.

Feeling her right hand become incomparable cold, there was a wave of fear in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi with a bit of anger, “If it wasn’t for your stable foundation and your body being strong enough, don’t you know that your right hand would have been crippled just now!”

There was a bit of awkwardness in Ye Yu Xi’s face…..She had been too confident this time.

After these drops of Extreme Ice Grass were thrown into the lake, with the drops at the center, the lake began to release a white gas at a visible speed.

“Un?  Master, there is white gas!  Is the lake water boiling?” Huo Ling looked at the lake in a cute manner.

Ye Yu Xi saw the lake water turn and said in a deep voice, “It’s not white gas, it’s frozen air!”

Gu lu, gu lu.

The lake kept churning as if something was about to come out.

“Be careful, it’s coming out!”  Long Xiao Pang watched the lake.

A wave of cold air came from the lake and there was frozen air in front of her!

Hua la!

With a large splash, a large head appeared on the surface of the water.  This spirit beast had a python’s body, but the head was that of a giant toad!

There were two fist sized eyes on the turquoise head, flashing with red light as they looked at Ye Yu Xi and Long Xiao Pang.

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