Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Searching for the Beast Flame

Flying over this mountain, they attracted no one’s attention.

After all, this was the deep forest.  There weren’t many people looking up and there were trees covering the space above their heads.

“Master, this treasure is hungry……”  Huo Ling struggled to flap his wings as he spoke to Ye Yu Xi in a pitiful manner.

Ye Yu Xi looked down beneath her.  When Huo Ling spoke, Ye Yu Xi found something strange and responded to Huo Ling in her mind, “Go down here.”

Huo Ling descended and went into the chaotic space to recover his energy.

Ye Yu Xi looked around herself.  There were quite a few trees that were broken and burn marks on large parts of the ground.

Ye Yu Xi bent down to test the soil, it was still warm.  The battle shouldn’t have happened long ago.

If her guesses weren’t wrong, this was where Yan Hua and that spirit beast fought.

That old sneak Yan Hua was clever, letting the other families fight for him while secretly bringing his people in for the Beast Flame, but now…..Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.

Confirming that the spirit beast had appeared here, it was time for Long Xiao Pang to come out.

“Dragon master, come out for a bit.”  Ye Yu Xi summoned in her mind.

Long Xiao Pang appeared beside Ye Yu Xi with a roast lamb leg in his hand.

“What is it?”  Long Xiao Pang spoke while also stuffing a piece of lamb meat in his mouth.

“That spirit beast just fought here, you should be able to find it now.”  Ye Yu Xi pointed around herself.

Long Xiao Pang kept saying that after sealing himself, most of abilities were sealed and his tracking abilities couldn’t compare to before.  He had to be close to the spirit beast before he could find it.

Long Xiao Pang raised his head to sniff and revealed a confused look like he had met something hard to understand.  He lowered his hand to look at the lamb meat in his hand as he waved his hand at Ye Yu Xi in an awkward manner, “Little girl, come over.”

Ye Yu Xi took a few steps forward and saw Long Xiao Pang disappear into the chaotic space without a word.

When he appeared, Long Xiao Pang didn’t have anymore lamb meat in his hands…..

“Alright, now I can do it.  I was confused just now, I remember it being a snake, why was there the smell of roasted lamb.”

Ye Yu Xi was speechless…..Not only are his eyes filled with food, even his nose is filled with food……

Long Xiao Pang kept sniffing, discerning the smells in the air.  After determining the direction, he waved his hand at Ye Yu Xi, “This way, this way.”

Ye Yu Xi followed with soft steps.

Every few meters, Long Xiao Pang would sniff again and change directions.  He kept becoming faster as he kept walking.

Ye Yu Xi followed behind him and didn’t disrupt Long Xiao Pang.  After an entire twenty minutes, Long Xiao Pang finally stopped.

“How is it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang in front of her.

Long Xiao Pang turned back and helplessly said, “There’s no scent anymore.  It’s being covered by the scent of other spirit beasts.”

Hearing this, Ye Yu Xi took a few steps forward and looked around.  After walking for close to half an hour in the mountains, there were already no traces of fighting.  The forest around was lush, so there were no marks at all.

Without even having time to investigate, Huo Ling suddenly appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

“So thirsty, this treasure is going to find some water.”  Huo Ling said this before entering the forest to look for water.

Ye Yu Xi watched the direction Huo Ling left in and felt a bit unsettled.  This was the spirit beast’s territory and other than a bit more strength, Huo Ling had no other abilities.

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