Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: Yan Hua’s whereabouts

Ye Yu Xi was very curious right now.  Between her and Huo Ling, who was protecting who…..

Huo Ling could feel Ye Yu Xi’s gaze and flapped his wings as he chirped, “Master, I’m not a coward!  I’m not afraid of a few snakes either! I only…..I only…..Un…..How about we go back.”

Huo Ling wanted to explain, but couldn’t find a suitable reason at all.

“We’re not fighting with them.”  Ye Yu Xi saw Huo Ling’s unhappy little face and reassured him.

Huo Ling rubbed his cheeks against Ye Yu Xi’s cheeks in a very cute manner, “Then this treasure is assured.”

“Fly over them with me.”  Ye Yu Xi added in.

Huo Ling: “……”

Finally, under the ineffective protests of Huo Ling, he still flew up with Ye Yu Xi.

Huo Ling flew very fast, flying over this mountain in just a few minutes.

Long Xiao Pang also had a way of flying temporarily, but it would require him unsealing his body.  Unsealing his body in this kind of place, with Long Xiao Pang’s medicinal smell, it would attract the attention of many spirit beasts and cultivators, so Long Xiao Pang had already entered Ye Yu Xi’s chaotic space for the ride.

“Huo Ling, go down there.”  Ye Yu Xi grabbed her cloak with one hand as she looked down on the mountain.  She finally found a very familiar figure!

Huo Ling looked around and found a place with no one around before silently falling down.

Ye Yu Xi looked around and found nothing suspicious.  She called to Huo Ling in her heart, “Huo Ling, did you see the people down below earlier?  Go and listen to what they are saying.”

Huo Ling nodded before flying off.

With a flash of light, Long Xiao Pang appeared beside Ye Yu Xi again.

“Dragon master, how strong is that spirit beast?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

“Un, it’s alright.  If he didn’t mutate again, you can beat it.  However, if anything happens, quickly run. You can still fight it in the future.”  Long Xiao Pang said bit by bit. He didn’t want Ye Yu Xi to be eaten by a spirit beast just for a Beast Flame.  Not all spirit beasts were as cowardly as Huo Ling.

Like this, to Long Xiao Pang, it would be a huge loss!  The chaotic space and the Starlight Body in one, this was something that came once in a thousand years.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She agreed to Long Xiao Pang on the surface, but her heart had already made her decision.  As long as there was a chance, she would give it a try!

Ye Yu Xi and Long Xiao Pang just waited there.  Not long after, Huo Ling flew back.

“What are they talking about?”  Ye Yu Xi asked Huo Ling in a soft voice.

The reason why she had Huo Ling come down was because she had saw Fang Leng Qing and the Mingyue Sect’s disciples.  There was also a group of people with them.

But Ye Yu Xi didn’t recognize these people.  Looking at their clothes, it should be some nobles of the Ice Mist Country.

“When I arrived, an old man came back and he seemed to be injured.  They said that they had already injured the snake and they would wait another two days to find it.  They would certainly kill the snake then.” Huo Ling continued repeating what he had heard.

Old man?

Ye Yu Xi had a thought.  If Fang Leng Qing was there, that old man had to be Yan Hua!

Thinking about it, Ye Yu Xi gave up the idea to investigate.  Yan Hua was after all an expert in the seventh spiritual level, so in order to not be discovered, it was more important to find the Beast Flame first.

“Come, we’re heading forward.”  Ye Yu Xi had Huo Ling fly off with her again.

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