Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: So many snakes

Although Ye Yu Xi had Long Xiao Pang as a guide, Long Xiao Pang only knew the general area, Ye Yu Xi still had to find the specific area.  Adding in the detour, she was behind Yan Hua and the others.

If she had Huo Ling……

Ye Yu Xi clearly remembered that Yan Hua in the tent had said that there was a large amount of Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes on the path to the Beast Flame.  She could try letting Huo Ling fly her over it!

Making up her mind, Ye Yu Xi said in her mind, “Huo Ling, come out.”

Huo Ling’s figure slowly appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.  

“Master, what did you call this treasure for~~”  Huo Ling tilted his little head to look at Ye Yu Xi.

“You’ll be in the air monitoring the situation below, tell me if anything strange happens…..Un…..We’ll talk about the other things later.”  Ye Yu Xi looked around her, she still hadn’t reached the outside of the Serpentine Mountain Range.

Huo Ling nodded before flying off flapping his wings.

Ye Yu Xi continued onwards in the direction Long Xiao Pang gave her.

“Dragon master, the spirit beast incubating the Beast Flame is also a snake?”  Ye Yu Xi kept moving while asking about the spirit beast.

Long Xiao Pang effortlessly followed behind Ye Yu Xi as he recalled, “It could be considered one.  It was breaking through when I met it, so I don’t know what it looks like now.”

Could be considered one……

Ye Yu Xi had a bit more expectation towards that spirit beast.

“Master, master, there are many people in front and many snakes!”  Huo Ling was flying in the air as he spoke to Ye Yu Xi in his mind.


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused.  Based on Long Xiao Pang and Yan Hua’s words, it seemed like she was almost there.

If she passed another mountain or two, she should reach where Yan Hua said that spirit beast was.

Ye Yu Xi silently went forward.  After passing another mountain, Ye Yu Xi saw the scene Huo Ling mentioned!

The Serpentine Mountain Range, there were many white and yellow stones in the cliff and barely any creatures.  On the mountain itself, there was a dense group of Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes.

The goal of these snakes were clear, it was that…..group of human intruders!

Snakes kept crawling out of stones and joining the battle.

Although a single Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes was not strong, the key thing was that there were many of them.

Ye Zhi Qiu and Yan Hua’s group had at most several hundred people, but there were over ten thousand Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes in this mountain!

At times, there were people with weak spiritual energy being caught by the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes.  Once they fell down, they were immediately entangled by several poisonous snake, finding it hard to rise again.

Ye Yu Xi coldly watched the scene in front of her, understanding why Yan Hua had returned to the “base camp” to recruit soldiers.  With all these Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes, even if it was Yan Hua, it would be hard for him to take care of them in a short period of time if he was caught.

Thinking of Yan Hua, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes swept over the battlefield.  She could see Ye Zhi Qiu, Yan Hao, Xiahou Yu Rou, and the others, but she couldn’t find Yan Hua and Fang Leng Qing’s group of people!

She felt this was bad and Ye Yu Xi decided to move quicker.

“Huo Ling!”  Ye Yu Xi summoned in her mind.

“Master, should we go back…..”  Huo Ling tilted his little head.  He looked at the dense amount of Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes with a bit of fear and felt that the road ahead was not safe.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling and was speechless in her mind.  She was such a brave person……Why was the protective beast god gave her like this…..

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