Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Scram (Part 1)

Ignoring the stunned guard, Ye Yu Xi walked into the main city sector.

There weren’t many people near the entrance, but the inside was very lively.

Although the main city sector was big, there weren’t shops here like on the ordinary streets.  It was mostly filled with stalls, some using a few pieces of bamboo to hold up a cloth, blocking the sun.

Every three-five meters was a little stall selling something.  There were all kinds of things, cultivation techniques, pills, weapons, and armours, but whether these things were real or fake depended on one’s eyes.

Ye Yu Xi walked through the main city sector, not looking through every stall like a normal person.  Ye Yu Xi only had a single goal, she wanted to find a weapon that suited her.

Her eyes swept over the booths and saw that there weren’t many of them selling weapons, also most of them were selling large blades, dual handed axes, and other large weapons.  They weren’t what Ye Yu Xi wanted. Ye Yu Xi wanted to find a quick moving short weapon that could instantly take people’s lives.

After walking for a bit, the crowd in front of her attracted Ye Yu Xi’s attention.

The crowd was focused on a girl standing in front of a booth.

“This weapon is exquisite.  How much is it, this young miss wants this!”  Zhao Yu He looked at the only weapon in the stall and asked for the price.

Ye Yu Xi followed Zhao Yu He’s gaze.  There was a dagger in the stall with a dark black blade and strange patterns engraved on it, looking very ancient.

Seeing this dagger, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused.  This dagger, it was exactly the same as the three bladed thorn from earth.  The three bladed thorn was a kind of short weapon and not only was the blade triangular, the mark it left was also triangular.  It had a very strong penetrative might and could easily take lives. When Ye Yu Xi was an assassin, she liked to use this kind of weapon.

The eyes of the old man selling the item were nervous, it was clear he was anxious in selling this item.  When he heard Zhao Yu He asking for a price, he shook his head, “This item isn’t being sold for gold coins, it can only be traded for healing pills.”

Most of the people came here because of the Zhao Family’s young miss, Zhao Yu He.  When they heard what the old man wanted, they couldn’t help sucking in a cold breath.  Although bartering was allowed in the main city sector, pills were more precious than weapons, so who would take them out?”

“I can give you gold coins, state your price!”  Zhao Yu He was determined to have this item.

The old man sat there shaking his head, not making a sound.

Ye Yu Xi took out a white jade bottle and slowly walked over, “Old sir, can you see if this pill is alright?”

The old man took the bottle and opened a slit in it, causing a clear medicinal fragrance to come out.  He was shocked when he smelled it and his eyes revealed a strange look, “Miss, is this pill an Origin Returning Pill?”

Origin Returning Pill!  When everyone heard this, they were all shocked.  The Origin Returning Pill was a second grade pill.  In a place like Ningyuan City, a single first grade pill could be sold for up to a thousand gold coins and second grade pills were priceless!

“Everyone look, isn’t that the Ye Manor’s young miss?”

Someone recognized Ye Yu Xi, after all, Ye Yu Xi was considered a famous person in Ningyuan City.

“It can’t be.  Ye Yu Xi is known as a waste and isn’t even accepted by her family, I heard she was kicked out of the Ye Manor.”

“She only looks like her!  How could Ye Yu Xi with her weak cultivation come to a place like the main city sector.”

The old man finally made his decision as he nodded, “This miss, I can make this deal, the item is yours!”  After saying this, the old man did not care about Zhao Yu He’s expression as he took the dagger from her hand and gave it to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi turned to leave after receiving the dagger.  She had found what she was looking for, so she had no need to stay here.

“Piece of trash, freeze!  Who allowed you to leave!”  Others would not recognize Ye Yu Xi, but how could Zhao Yu He who was set on the seventh prince not recognize her enemy!

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