Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Yan Hua is here

“Since this miss is here to find herbs, you’ll meet spirit beasts eventually.  How about we work together?”

Without waiting for Yan Hao to say anything about working together, a follower came in from outside.  His head bowed low and he said, “Young City Lord, Mingyue Sect’s Yan Hua is here and seems to be injured!”

Oh?  Mingyue Sect?  Yan Hua?

Ye Yu Xi and Yan Hao were surprised at the same time.  However, while Yan Hao was looking at his follower, Ye Yu Xi was paying attention to Yan Hao’s reaction.

Seeing Yan Hao’s surprised expression, Ye Yu Xi secretly let out a sigh of relief.  It seems like it was just a coincidence and looking at Yan Hao’s reaction, he wasn’t working together with Yan Hua.

The curtain opened and Old Hong came in with a deep expression.

“Old Hong, what is the situation outside.”  Yan Hao asked. He wanted to go out and take a look, but seeing Old Hong come in, he suppressed that thought in his mind.

Old Hong looked over Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er sitting there and didn’t speak immediately.

Yan Hao saw Old Hong’s expression and gave a slight nod, signaling to Old Hong that everything had been discussed.

Old Hong finally spoke, “Yan Hua and several people from the Mingyue Sect just returned from the depths of the Serpentine Mountain Range and Yan Hua is a bit injured.”

“What about everyone else’s reaction?”  Yan Hao seriously asked.

“Everyone fears the Mingyue Sect’s influence and power, so there isn’t much of a reaction.  However, Yan Hua and Fang Leng Qing shouldn’t have refined the Beast Flame, otherwise they wouldn’t have come back here to cultivate.”  Old Hong had a serious expression.

Yan Hao nodded, it’s good as long as they still hadn’t obtained it.

The powers that came here were almost all enemies, it didn’t matter if there was one more or one less.  At the last minute, it all depended on whose fist was harder!

Ye Yu Xi sat there listening to the dialogue between the master and servant, thinking in her heart: Yan Hua with his seventh spiritual level cultivation was actually injured.  It seems like Yan Hua has already found the Beast Flame, but because he isn’t strong enough, he didn’t successfully kill it.

While they were discussing, there was a shout from outside the tent.

“Friends!  The Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes have exceeded our expectations.  If everyone has time, please come out to discuss our strategy!”

The people in the tents were stunned hearing the voice coming from outside.

Mingyue Sect’s Yan Hua’s voice!  He was calling everyone out now, he was probably planning on playing some trick.

Yan Hao and Old Hong looked at each other before looking at Ye Yu Xi sitting on the side.

Ye Yu Xi gave a nod and she followed the master and servant out of the tent.

Arriving at an open space, Yan Hua and the Mingyue Sect’s disciples, including Fang Leng Qing who had fought with Ye Yu Xi before were all there.

Yan Hua’s eyes swept over everyone.  With Yan Hua’s seventh spiritual level strength, although he didn’t dare say that he could suppress everyone here, he could still scare them.

Even if Yan Hua wasn’t enough, what he represented was the Mingyue Sect!

“Everyone, this Yan has just returned from the depths of the Serpentine Mountain Ranges. I won’t hide it from everyone, I have come to find the Jade Moon Blood Crystal Python and the Beast Flame.  I almost found it, but I was blocked by two large snakes and lost a fight, causing this old man to retreat.”

Yan Hua finished telling his situation and looked over everyone, but when he looked over where Ye Yu Xi was standing, he visibly stopped.

Ye Yu Xi had a bamboo hat on her head and it hid her appearance, but Yan Hua felt a sense of familiarity, like he had seen this person somewhere before.

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