Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Alchemist Selection Meet

Yan Hao seemed to have expected this question from Ye Yu Xi as he responded without even thinking, “Ningyuan City has weakened in the past few years and although it is one of the five main cities, its position is not like before.  There are some things that Ningyuan City hasn’t participated in in several years, this Alchemist Selection Meet is one of them.”

Ye Yu Xi’s brows jumped up.  According to what Yan Hao said, Ningyuan City was several levels weaker than the other main cities!

Ye Yu Xi did not cut Yan Hao off and used her eyes to signal Yan Hao to continue.

“Young miss should know how rare alchemists are, the Alchemist Academy chooses some people who have the hope to become alchemist to give them instruction.  It’s said that people who learn from the Alchemist Academy have a one fifth chance to become an alchemist!” Yan Hao’s eyes revealed a faint yearning.

Alchemist, this temptation to normal cultivators was too big!

A one in five chance, it didn’t sound high, but for an occupation like alchemy which only one in a million had a chance to learn, an academy where a fifth of the students could become alchemists was already considered heaven defying.

Although Ye Yu Xi had never left Ningyuan City, she still knew how much respect alchemists had.  Hearing Yan Hao’s words, she could also understand the attractiveness this Alchemist Selection Meet had for these people.  But to Ye Yu Xi…..this is something she could do without. After all, Ye Yu Xi had Long Xiao Pang, this continental treasure by her side.

“All these powers came for…..”  Ye Yu Xi did not finish her words.

“For the Beast Flame.”  Yan Hao spoke very directly.

“Beast Flame?”  Ye Yu Xi pretended to be shocked as she said in a high voice, “Isn’t that a legendary thing?”

Yan Hao nodded as he straightforwardly said, “I won’t hide it from this young miss, this Alchemist Selection Meet is held once every three year and each time the Alchemist Academy would announce the location of a Beast Flame.  If anyone can refine the Beast Flame, they can directly enter the Alchemist Academy. The others need to be picked by levels and even in terms of pill refining skills. The final winners can also train in the Alchemist Academy.”

Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod.  It really was a well known academy of the Purple Cloud Continent, even being an outer disciple was this strict.

“Why are there so many people gathered here?”  With how important the Beast Flame was, common sense would state that everyone would be searching for it.  With how peaceful it was now, it was very strange!

Yan Hao’s lips curled into a bitter smile, “This is the matter I want to talk to the young miss about, this year is different from before.  The Beast Flame has appeared in the Serpentine Mountain Range. The young miss should know a bit about how the name Serpentine Mountain Range came to be, right?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “The Serpentine Mountain is where the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes gather and there are many snake marks on the rocks, so that’s how the Serpentine Mountain Range gained its name.”

“Although the Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes are only spirit beasts in the fourth spiritual level, the most terrifying thing about them is their numbers.  There would also be a female snake in the fifth spiritual level among each hundred snakes. One or two can be easily dealt with, but there are several dozen mountains in the Serpentine Mountain Range.  Once one meets a large amount of Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes, without strength at the seventh spiritual level or above, it is certain death.” Yan Hao said with a nod.

“They’re actually this strong?”  Ye Yu Xi still had the same look of surprise.

Yao Hao nodded, “It’s because of this that everyone came up with an agreement to gather like this and enter the mountains together.  This way, we should be able to take care of a large amount of Snow Spine Copper Marked Snakes if we do meet them.”

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