Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: The young master from the inn

The two of them didn’t keep talking.  After a bit, there were several flash of lightning in the sky as rain the size of soybeans began to fall down.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were wearing prepared bamboo hats as they continued forward.

“Stop!”  Ye Yu Xi raised a hand and suddenly stopped.

Qing’er behind her froze, “Young miss, what is it?”


Ye Yu Xi made a sign to be quiet and said to Qing’er in her mind, “Be careful, there were two waves of people who just passed by here.”

Qing’er came forward and saw the footprint in front of her.  There was a mess of footprints, but how could the young miss judge that there two waves of people?

Qing’er asked the young miss in her heart, “Young miss, there is only a group of footprints on the grund, how can you know that there are two groups of people?”

Ye Yu Xi took out her Soul Devourer Blade and picked up a blade of grass from the mud, placing it in front of Qing’er.

“There are several blades of grass that have been cut by someone, this should have been left by someone in one of the groups.  There are many broken footprints on the ground and another set that is relatively new. This shows that spirit beasts or snakes have passed by here and destroyed the previous footprints.  If they were the same group of people, the second set of footprints should have also been destroyed.”

Ye Yu Xi spoke as she took out two black masks from her Space Ring, giving one to Qing’er, “Cover your face and take out your weapon, be careful.”

Qing’er nodded as she followed Ye Yu Xi forward.

Ye Yu Xi thought this was a coincidence at first, but after passing over a mountain, there were still traces of footprints that could be seen even with the pouring rain.

This made Ye Yu Xi’s heart more vigilant.  From the other side’s footprints, the goal of the previous two groups was obvious.  They were heading for the Serpentine Mountain Range!

The Heaven Mountain Range spread for tens of thousands of miles and were very wide.  It’s even said that in the depths of the mountains, there was the territory of spirit beasts in the ninth spiritual level.  In order to differentiate these areas, parts of the Heaven Mountain Range with special features were given names, such as the Serpentine Mountain Range.


Ye Yu Xi raised her hand again.

Si, si——Si, si——

There was no need for Ye Yu Xi to speak this time, Qing’er saw the scene in front.

Not far in front of them, there were two large white snakes slithering along dragging a corpse.  Looking at the clothes of the corpse, it should be a mercenary of a certain mercenary group.

“Go.”  Ye Yu Xi spoke to Qing’er in her mind and she moved more cautiously.

After moving for half an hour, the pouring rain became a shower.

There were the sounds of weapons clashing from the forest to the side.

Sou, sou.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er jumped onto the trees to see what was happening.

“Young miss, it seems to be that young master from the inn.”  Qing’er watched the battle to the side.

Ye Yu Xi also felt that the people in the battle were a bit familiar.  Not only was the young master familiar, the people surrounding them should be the mercenaries at the three tables from the Heaven Mountain Range inn.

Ye Yu Xi had thought that the mercenaries were recruited by the young master, but now it seemed like the mercenaries had followed them here, planning to kill them for money.

“Young miss, should we help?”  Qing’er looked at the situation below.  Although the handsome young master’s skills were good, being surrounded by the mercenaries, he almost couldn’t hold on.

Ye Yu Xi watched the situation with cold eyes.  That old man from the inn wasn’t here, there was just the handsome young master and two followers.


After watching for a while, Ye Yu Xi felt it was strange.

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