Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Use of the mental energy

After Long Xiao Pang did this, he revealed a rare look of exhaustion.  He waved his hand at Huo Ling, “Little dumb bird, I’m going to rest. Have your master cultivate by herself after she is finished.”

“Humph, only knowing how to order me around!”  Huo Ling’s mouth was raised high.

Long Xiao Pang ignored Huo Ling’s expression and went to find an isolated place to sleep.

Several hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Ye Yu Xi had felt like there was a barrier inside her that was blocking her off, but suddenly there was a cool energy filled with vitality that entered her body, instantly making that barrier collapse!


Opening her eyes again, there was a glow in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Closing her eyes, Ye Yu Xi could feel that there was a special energy that could reach out of her body.

Ye Yu Xi tried it a few times and that energy could reach five meters at most.  If it went any further, that energy would slowly dissipate.

This was mental energy…..It could actually see through things.

Ye Yu Xi stood up and looked around.  Huo Ling was sleeping on the ground holding a pile of herbs and there wasn’t a trace of Long Xiao Pang around.

Without waking Huo Ling, Ye Yu Xi directly exited the chaotic space.

Arriving outside, she was still in the mountain, but there was no sun.  The sky was covered in clouds today and it seemed like it would rain in a while.

Ye Yu Xi stood in front of the ancient tree and used her newly comprehended mental energy to control a portion of her spiritual energy as she sent out a punch.


The tree shook, but it didn’t break.  After three-five seconds, there was a kacha sound as a hold appeared where Ye Yu Xi had hit it.

Seeing this scene in front of here, a look of surprise flashed in Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes.

That fist was just a test.  When the spiritual energy hit the tree and the connection with her mental energy was cut off, the mass of spiritual energy went wild and exploded inside the tree trunk.

Feeling the use of the mental energy, Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile.

For mental energy that only those at the eighth spiritual level could comprehend to appear on someone at the fifth spiritual level, what would happen?

The people who fought Ye Yu Xi would be confused by the spiritual energy she released!

Having another trump card, Ye Yu Xi was in a good mood.

Returning to the resting spot, she found Qing’er and the others roasting the meat for lunch.

“Qing’er, we’re going into the mountains after we finish eating.”  Ye Yu Xi casually took a string of prepared rabbits and began to help them roast it.

“Boss, it’ll rain soon.  Don’t you want to avoid the rain?”  The fatty heard Ye Yu Xi wanted to leave right after eating and was a bit surprised.

She wouldn’t be so rushed that she couldn’t wait half a day, right?

Qing’er also looked at Ye Yu Xi and she had the same meaning in her eyes as the fatty.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head, “No, the timing is a bit tight.  We still don’t know where that spirit beast is, so those people who left ahead of us are much more ahead than us.”

Qing’er nodded.  Since the young miss had made her decision, she could only follow her.

After finishing lunch, Ye Yu Xi gave the fatty a bunch of pills.  There were pills for healing and raising one’s spiritual energy among them, in short there were all kinds of pills.  It would be enough for the fatty and Shi Qing to cultivate with for a month.

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder sent them off and Ye Yu Xi went deeper into the Heaven Mountain Range with Qing’er.

“Young miss, do we keep going in?”  Qing’er had been following Ye Yu Xi for several hours and had gone past several hills.  The bored Qing’er found an excuse to talk to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “There is still several days journey before we reach the Serpentine Mountain Range Long Xiao Pang mentioned.  Let’s move faster.”

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