Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Comprehending mental energy

Ye Yu Xi reached out a hand to rub Huo Ling’s little head and sent Huo Ling off to play alone.  She found a place to sit down and took out a Purple Thunder Pill which she threw into her mouth as she began cultivating.

Cultivating this time, Ye Yu Xi had a strange feeling.  She had cultivated that long and each cell inside her body seemed filled with energy, like the tired feeling from the day before did not exist at all.

Long Xiao Pang and Huo Ling were on the stage, looking at Ye Yu Xi with big watery eyes.

Long Xiao Pang suddenly turned his head and looked at Huo Ling beside him, “Little dumb bird, what are you looking at?”

Huo Ling disdainfully curled his lip and said with a snort, “This treasure is looking at this one’s master.  Then again, what are you looking at!”

Long Xiao Pang wanted to argue with Huo Ling, but there was a suddenly faint fluctuation that came from Ye Yu Xi in front of them.  There was a faint layer of silver light that surrounded Ye Yu Xi.

This layer of silver light was faint and unstable.

There was a flash of light in Long Xiao Pang’s eyes.  Such strong innate talent!

Just reaching the fifth spiritual level, he never thought she would really comprehend mental energy!

During the day, Long Xiao Pang was just testing Ye Yu Xi.  Long Xiao Pang knew that it was almost impossible to condense mental energy at the fourth spiritual level.

In the earliest records of the Purple Cloud Continent, being able to comprehend mental energy when going from the fifth spiritual level to the sixth spiritual level was already the sign of a peak genius.

Ye Yu Xi right now had just entered the fifth spiritual level!

There was a trace of joy in Long Xiao Pang’s eyes.  Perhaps this little girl could really help him reach his ultimate goal!

Ye Yu Xi was feeling very strange right now, like she could control things outside her body.  She could even vaguely feel that not far away in front of her were two little kids standing there.

Long Xiao Pang’s two little hands quickly formed a seal and he shouted, “Open!”

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes became deep, showing depths that didn’t match his outer appearance.  Those eyes seemed like it could see through everything. Looking into Ye Yu Xi’s dantian, that spiritual sea filled with swallowing nature began to rotate.

Has the Starlight Body already begun to form!?

Long Xiao Pang finally made his decision.  Just like the previous Bai Jin Yi, there was suddenly a glow coming from his fingertip.  A small wound was formed and a green liquid came out of Long Xiao Pang’s fingertip.

But Long Xiao Pang did not drip it into Ye Yu Xi’s mouth, rather it was dripped onto Ye Yu Xi’s head.

With another hand seal, there was a faint figure that appeared behind Long Xiao Pang.

Huo Ling on the side had already run several dozen meters away.  He looked at Long Xiao Pang in a daze, or more accurately, he looked at the figure behind Long Xiao Pang.

“So big~~”

In Huo Ling’s shocked eyes, that giant human ginseng figure quickly shrunk down before it became a small fist sized seal in Long Xiao Pang’s hand.

Long Xiao Pang looked at the green liquid suspended above Ye Yu Xi’s head and took a deep breath.  The seal in his hand entered Ye Yu Xi’s head with the drop of green liquid floating above her head.

Un humph~~

When the seal entered her body, Ye Yu Xi unconsciously gave a moan.  Her expression did not have any look of pain, rather it was pure enjoyment.  That layer of faint silver light around her began to stabilize.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi with those deeps eyes that seemed like it could see through everything.  At this time, in the spiritual sea in Ye Yu Xi’s dantian, there was a trace of lush green colour.

“Little girl, with this dragon master’s essence helping you, go and create a mess on the Purple Cloud Continent!”  Long Xiao Pang said in his heart.

Ye Yu Xi at this time had already fulfilled all the conditions to be recognized as a genius.  She was only missing a chance for her name to be spread across the continent!

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