Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: Have you heard of mental energy before

There was one more thing to do.  One couldn’t not have a cauldron when refining pills.

“Dragon master, what should I do about the next step.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over at Long Xiao Pang. Her meaning was clear, her cauldron had already exploded, how could she keep refining pills like this.

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his nose, “It’s alright.   Now try punching that tree beside you.”

Ye Yu Xi followed Long Xiao Pang’s orders.  She walked in front of the ancient tree and her spiritual energy covered her fist as she punched out.

Kacha, hong, long, long!

A single person had broken this ancient tree.

“Punch again with the same amount of strength, but don’t break the tree!”  Long Xiao Pang said.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and walked to another ancient tree.

Taking in a deep breath, Ye Yu Xi focused her mind as her spiritual energy filled her palm when she sent her fist out.


The ancient tree broke again.

“Again!”  Long Xiao Pang stood not far, as if he had already expected this result.  His face didn’t reveal any expressions.

Ye Yu Xi’s face became more serious.  That fist just now and the fist before, there was no difference!

After several punches, Ye Yu Xi broke several trees.  She never achieved the result that Long Xiao Pang mentioned.

“Dragon master, what did you mean by using the same amount of strength and not breaking the tree.”  Ye Yu Xi felt she hadn’t understood the essence of this.

“Have you heard of mental energy before?”  Long Xiao Pang’s innocent face had a trace of mysteriousness to it.

Mental energy?

Ye Yu Xi wanted to say she knew what it was, but it was clear the mental energy Long Xiao Pang was talking about was not the same as they one she was thinking of.  She could only shake her head and say, “What is it? Is it a kind of spiritual energy?”

Long Xiao Pang’s hands made gestures, “Mental energy is…..Un, it’s a kind of energy other than spiritual energy that can control spiritual energy.  Normally, only those that are at the eighth spiritual level and above can have a trace of mental energy. As for you…..Your foundation is good, so as for whether you can understand mental energy or not depends on your comprehension.”

Something that could be comprehended only by those at the eight spiritual level or above?

Ye Yu Xi thought back.  When she had advanced to the eighth spiritual level with the help of the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s medicinal strength, why did she not feel this kind of energy?!

“Understanding mental energy, is there another way to use it other than controlling spiritual energy?”  Ye Yu Xi kept asking. Since Long Xiao Pang kept having her attack trees, there must be another change this mental energy had to spiritual energy.

“Hidden force.  Destroying the enemy from within, leaving no scars on the outside.”  Long Xiao Pang simply finished describing the mental energy’s power.

Long Xiao Pang went for a walk.

Ye Yu Xi was left there constantly thinking, trying to achieve the effect Long Xiao Pang mentioned.

Gradually, Ye Yu Xi seemed to understand something.  Her spiritual energy was scattered when it was released!

To destroy the enemy from within and not leaving a scar on the surface, that meant condensing one’s spiritual energy together and sending it into the enemy’s body!

Grasping this main point, Ye Yu Xi began experimenting again.

Hong, another first was sent out, but Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.  After half a day of refining pills and experimenting, she didn’t have much spiritual energy left.

Looking up at the sky, there was only an hour left before it was dark.

It seems like she could only keep training tomorrow.

Ye Yu Xi greeted the fatty and the others before saying she wouldn’t need dinner.  She found a place with no one around and entered the chaotic space.

“Master, I can see you haven’t eaten yet.  How about eating some green Spiritual Grass, it’s good for your body…..”  Huo Ling held a piece of Spiritual Grass that he gave Ye Yu Xi.

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