Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: The cauldron exploded

Under the cliff was where the Purple Source Berries grew.

Arriving under the cliff, Ye Yu Xi once again exchanged moves with the fierce Purple Thunder Monkey King, but they reached a tie in the end.

“Purple Thunder Monkey King, have people come to this valley lately?”  Sitting down to rest, Ye Yu Xi took the chance to ask this.

The people that she had met in the inn made Ye Yu Xi a bit anxious.

The Purple Thunder Monkey King shook its head and said, “No one has entered the canyon.  There have been people that have passed through the entrance of the valley, but they should be heading deeper into the mountain range.”

“Was there anything suspicious they said when they walked past?”  Ye Yu Xi asked again.

“They said one thing about how it couldn’t possibly be in the valley and they said nothing else.”

Impossible to be in the valley…..

Ye Yu Xi was silently considering this.  There have been four-five forces that have already entered the Heaven Mountain Range and adding in the Snow Shadow City’s group and the three table of mercenaries, there were seven-eight groups that had a target in the Heaven Mountain Range.

If their targets were all the Beast Flame, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t believe it.

Other than the Beast Flame, there had to be something else that drew them all in, otherwise they wouldn’t travel this far just to gather here at the same time.

She picked a few Purple Source Berries from the tree and Ye Yu Xi left the valley with the Purple Thunder Monkey elder.

In the next few days, Ye Yu Xi was faced with endless refining pills.

Under Long Xiao Pang’s instructions, Ye Yu Xi took the bronze cauldron from the chaotic space and began “training” in an empty space in the forest.

When she began refining pills, Ye Yu Xi didn’t notice anything, but after half a day, Ye Yu Xi could gradually feel that the spiritual energy inside her body became more and more unstable!

When she was using her spiritual energy, there would be slight trembles in her spiritual energy, especially when she became more tired.

This was the bad control Long Xiao Pang had mentioned before?

In order to increase her control of her spiritual energy, Ye Yu Xi impatiently refined cauldron after cauldron of pills.

Ye Yu Xi would still refine high level pills at the beginning, like the third grade Purple Thunder Pill, the second grade Purple Spirit Pill and the Origin Returning Pill, but after refining several cauldrons, there were few high grade materials left.

She took the time to give the fatty a Purple Thunder Pill to keep for Shi Qing.  When Shi Qing became stronger, he would refine his body.

Ye Yu Xi began to refine pills out of the remaining materials.

Without high level materials, Ye Yu Xi refined low level pills, which was even easier.  As for what the pills were called, Ye Yu Xi already didn’t care. Ye Yu Xi was only using refining pills as a way to consume the spiritual energy inside her, increasing her control of her spiritual energy.

For two days straight, Ye Yu Xi had been working hard beside the cauldron.


A fluctuation came from the bronze cauldron as a faint medicinal scent came out.

Long Xiao Pang on the side felt the cauldron’s condition and muttered, “It’s finally about time.”

When Long Xiao Pang said this, the flame inside the cauldron suddenly began to shake violently.

Ka!  Ka! Ka ka!

Small cracks formed at the bottom of the cauldron, which gradually began to spread and become bigger.

Finally the bronze cauldron couldn’t take the flames anymore and turned into several pieces with a kacha sound.

The medicinal herbs inside the cauldron turned into scraps as spiritual energy spread in all directions.


The medicinal power was no longer controlled and it surged outwards.  Even if it was Ye Yu Xi, it was too late for her to get her guard up, so she was forced back four-five steps before stabilizing.

“The cauldron exploded…..”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the pieces of the cauldron in front of her.

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