Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Meeting the Purple Thunder Monkeys again

Ye Yu Xi gave Shi Qing two pills to let him recover his spiritual energy.  The morning of the next day, they began to move again.

When it was close to evening, Ye Yu Xi’s group arrived near the active area of the Purple Thunder Monkeys.

The fatty let out a long breath.  After strolling around for a day, he was just too bored.  Seeing that he was finally at his destination, the fatty looked up and shouted, “Monkeys!  This fat master is finally back~~”

The rough voice echoed into the forest.

“Young miss, wouldn’t we be attracting spirit beasts over like this.”  Shi Qing saw the fatty roar out and his face slightly changed.

Although Shi Qing had never come to the Heaven Mountain Range, he did still know a few things.

For example, one had to make as small as movements as one could in the Heaven Mountain Range.  This was because the larger their movement, the more likely they could attract a high level spirit beast, which would mean trouble.

The fatty was shouting like this, was he not afraid of attracting spirit beast?

“You’ll know in a bit.”  Ye Yu Xi had a smile in her eyes.  This place was no different from their home.

Regarding the specifics of entering the mountain, Ye Yu Xi had never told Shi Qing.  With the speed of the Purple Thunder Monkeys, meeting them without any preparation of the heart, it would leave a deeper impression!

The fatty shouted a few times and felt much better.

The slowed down as they talked and laughed while walking into the mountains.

The fatty was leading the front with Shi Qing behind and Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er bringing up the back.

After walking for half an hour, the trees on both sides shook.

The fatty revealed a grin and said in his heart: You’re finally here.

The face of Shi Qing following behind the fatty fell!  He thought this was bad.

Shi Qing wanted to charge forward and pushed the fatty down.  This was a completely unconscious movement. Shi Qing’s awareness had been trained over several years of being in the arena.

Before Shi Qing charged forward, a white hand fell onto Shi Qing’s shoulder.

Ye Yu Xi stood behind Shi Qing and shook her head.  She said in a soft voice, “Watch the fatty’s actions.”

Shi Qing didn’t turn as he looked at the fatty in front.

The figure attacked the fatty from the front and was dodged by the fatty.  What followed was a second “sneak attack”.

The fatty dodged it with a single step.  He knew that the monkeys came to greet him and the boss, so his heart became playful as he increased his speed.

In front of Shi Qing’s shocked eyes, the fatty grabbed a purple figure’s arm, which was an adult Purple Thunder Monkey.


The adult Purple Thunder Monkey shouted at the fatty with a grin.

Shi Qing swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, as his heart filled with shock.  That, that monkey was actually smiling!

The fatty grabbed the monkey’s arm and laughed as he let the monkey in front go.  Rubbing the Purple Thunder Monkey’s head, he turned back to Shi Qing and said, “Brother, how about it, do you want to give it a try?”

Shi Qing reacted and gave a nod.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er looked at each other and thought at the same time: This child Shi Qing is a bit simple…..It seems like the fatty has found a subordinate this time.

They continued moving forward and there were Purple Thunder Monkeys that came occasionally.  Shi Qing also gradually understood the situation.

These Purple Thunder Monkeys should already know Ye Yu Xi’s group, otherwise that little monkey wouldn’t jump onto the fatty’s shoulder.  Could it be that this training is with these monkeys?

Shi Qing had just witnessed the Purple Thunder Monkey’s speed and the fatty and the others were only faster than the Purple Thunder Monkeys.  This made Shi Qing feel excited about this training.

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