Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: One hundred roasted lambs

Ye Yu Xi saw Long Xiao Pang disappear after he finished talking and her heart was speechless.

One ate meat and one ate herbs…..They were still comparing who could eat more…..How could they compare!

Feeling speechless, Long Xiao Pang still gave the method of curing the poison.  The Poison Transforming Pill……

Ye Yu Xi thought about it.  The Poison Transforming Pill was a third grade pill.  Although she could refine it now, she didn’t have the ingredients for the Poison Transforming Pill right now.

With a flash of light in her palm, she took out several restorative Origin Returning Pills.

The Origin Returning Pills had a good effect on healing internal and outer injuries, but whether it had any effect on curing poison, Ye Yu Xi didn’t know, but could only give it a try.

Ye Yu Xi had Madame Li outside the door come in.

When she came in, Madame Li quickly asked, “Miss Ye, is there a way to cure the City Lord?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and handed the pills in her hand over before saying, “Take these pills madame and give the City Lord one every seven days.  The City Lord is affected by a strange poison and this Origin Returning Pill can temporarily heal his body, suppressing the poison. As for the method of curing the poison, I have to ask my alchemist friends to make a move.  It’s already late, we’ll be leaving first.”

With Madame Li and Li An thanking them, Ye Yu Xi led her people away from the City Lord’s palace.

The powerful City Lord’s concubine in just a few hours went from holding infinite power in her hand to becoming a prisoner.

If she was given another chance, Ji Mian Lian would never offend Ye Yu Xi!


Returning to the little yard, the fatty and the others went off to rest and Ye Yu Xi returned to her own room.

She called out Long Xiao Pang again.

“Dragon master, is there a Beast Flame in the Heaven Mountain Range?”  Ye Yu Xi asked Long Xiao Pang in front of her.

Long Xiao Pang was not ing a good mood, it seemed like he had just lost to Huo Ling in who could eat more……

Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s question, he replied, “There is, but it is a normal grade.  Compared to your little husband’s Empty Starry Night Flames, it’s far worse.”

Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes.  The Beast Flame couldn’t compare to a Strange Flame, was there a need to say this?!

“Do you know where it is?”  Ye Yu Xi said.

“I don’t.”  Long Xiao Pang replied in a very straightforward manner.

“One hundred entire roasted lambs!”  Ye Yu Xi naturally didn’t believe anything from Long Xiao Pang!

Don’t know?

How would you know there is a Beast Flame if you don’t know where!  Since Long Xiao Pang said there is one, it must have encountered it when it was travelling through the mountain range.

Long Xiao Pang wanted to reject, but it rubbed its little chin and consider Ye Yu Xi’s condition.

That was one hundred whole roasted lambs!  He couldn’t use the Beast Flame and leaving it was no use.  Others might have taken it, so it was better to exchange it for roast meat.

Long Xiao Pang hummed as he said, “Several dozen years ago, when I came to the Heaven Mountain Range, I did meet a spirit beast that did nurture a Beast Flame, but I don’t know if it’s still on that mountain or not.  You promised just now, you would give me a hundred whole roast lambs if I tell you! You can’t go back on your word!”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  A few lambs for news on the Beast Flame, she earned quite a bit.

Long Xiao Pang’s expression became serious as he solemnly said, “You have to promise that whether you find it or not, you will give me the lamb meat!”

Ye Yu Xi nodded with a smile.  A hundred roast lambs for news on the Beast Flame, if others knew about this, the people that want to change for news would trample over her little yard.

Ye Yu Xi found that Long Xiao Pang had stayed with Huo Ling for a long time…..His IQ was becoming like Huo Ling’s……

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