Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Order for the city guards

The City Lord’s concubine would not wait for death as her heart filled with a plan.  She shouted, “Li Zhi Lan, I never thought that you poisoned the City Lord a year ago!  Today you even worked together with Blood Enchantress to fram me! I have always treated you as a sister!”

The City Lord’s concubine had managed the City Lord’s palace for a year now, so she was a bit smart.  This sly move form her, there were some guards in the yard that were moved.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the City Lord’s concubine making her accusations on the ground.  She wanted to kill her, but this would definitely cause trouble for Madame Li in managing the City Lord’s palace.  She said to Madame Li and Li An beside her, “Madame, how about letting Li An take the City Lord’s Token to invite the city guard commanders in.”

Madame Li nodded and gave the City Lord’s Token to Li An beside her.

Li An turned and walked out the gate.


Outside the gate.

After the two commanders of the city guards, Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si saw the signal from the City Lord’s palace, they immediately gathered five hundred city guards and charged over.

In the distance, Mo Fei Yang saw that there was a black group of people outside the City Lord’s palace’s gates.

He called out to the city guards behind him, “Quickly, quickly!  Protect the City Lord and the madame!”

The fatty brought the Blood Wolf Mercenaries and Ye Wen had brought the Dragon Snake Gang.  According to Ye Yu Xi’s orders, each person was wearing a black cloak.

With several hundred people standing there, looking at it from afar, it was quite imposing.

Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si brought the city guards to the gate and confronted the black cloaked people.

Mo Fei Yang took a step forward and the sword in his hand released a cold glow when infused with spiritual energy, “Who are you!  You dare gather around the City Lord’s palace unauthorized!”

The fatty didn’t even speak yet before the door opened behind him with a squeak.

Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si looked at Li An who walked out.  They were a bit stunned as they looked at each other, “Housekeeper Li?!”

The two of them had been city guard commanders for many years, so naturally they recognized this old housekeeper who had been with the City Lord’s palace for over ten years.  They just couldn’t understand why Li An would come out of the palace at this time.

Weren’t Li An and Madame Li sent out a year ago by the City Lord’s concubine saying that “Madame Li needed to rest”?

Could it be that these people were brought by Madame Li?

Li An walked in front of Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si without any expression and raised the City Lord’s Token in his hand, “The City Lord’s orders are here, city guards, listen to the order!”

When he said this, the several hundred city guards including the two commanders fell to one knee.

Li An looked over the well regulated city guards and gave a slight nod in his mind, “Mo Fei Yang, Lin Si, you two commanders will come in with me.  The others will wait here and are not allowed to do anything!”

Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si looked at each other before nodding and following Li An into the City Lord’s palace’s front yard.

When they came in, the strange atmosphere made the two commanders raise their guards.

“The two commanders are looking well.”  Madame Li turned around to look at the two walking in.

Madame Li?

Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si were stunned.  They looked down again at the City Lord’s concubine in messy clothes, understanding what was going on.

“Two commanders, quickly kill this slut!  She took the City Lord’s Token and wants to kill the City Lord!”  The City Lord’s concubine sitting on the ground shouted.


Ye Yu Xi kicked out heavily at the City Lord’s concubine’s face.  The City Lord’s concubine’s face began to swell at a visible rate.

Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si coldly watched this and didn’t make a move.

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