Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Congratulations to the madame on returning to the palace

Whether it was Madame Li or Madame Ji, they were both just madames.  Now that the City Lord’s Token was in Madame Li’s hands, Madame Ji’s words…..could be ignored.

Neither of them moved because of another reason as well.  The one making a move was from Blood Enchantress!

Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si’s strength weren’t bad, but facing Blood Enchantress’ people, they had to consider it.

Ye Yu Xi slowly walked towards the pet that was already scared to death and leaned over.

The scared man quickly moved back two steps and his lips quivered, “You, what do you want…..”

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at him and said in a hoarse voice, “Tell everyone about the good things between you and Madame Ji and I promise you won’t die.  Otherwise…..”

Ye Yu Xi’s toes used a bit of force and the stone tile under her foot had several cracks on it.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”  The man saw the cracked stone tile and swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.  He spoke clearly of how Li Jie found him and how he became Madame Ji’s pet.

When the City Lord’s concubine and Li Jie heard this man talk, their faces turned pale as ashes…..

Many guards looked at Madame Ji and Li Jie.  They never thought that the bright Madame Ji and Housekeeper Li would fall to this extent.

A sharp look appeared in the dead eyes of the City Lord’s concubine as she looked at the City Lord’s wife with the lowest cultivation and her heart turned cold.  If you don’t let me live a good life, even if I die, I will pull you down with me!

Suddenly, the City Lord’s concubine jumped off the ground, flying at Madame Li.


Before she arrived in front of Madame Li, the City Lord’s concubine’s leg was hit by a kick!  Her calf was suddenly broken by someone and she fell to the ground.

Madame Ji struggled to turn her head at who broke her leg and her voice had a trace of disbelief, “You dare!”

In Madame Ji’s surprised eyes, Li Jie took back his leg.  He fell down in front of the City Lord’s wife and his hands kept slapping himself as he said, “Madame, I know my wrongs, I was led astray before.  I ask the madame to spare my life, I was wrong!”

Li Jie currently understood that Madame Ji’s time was over.  The City Lord was sick in bed, so the City Lord’s palace would belong to Madame Li!  If he didn’t do anything, it would be hard to keep his little life, so the scene just now happened.

Madame Ji looked at “Housekeeper Li” who had suddenly defected and her shocked face revealed a smile filled with tragedy as her heart was like dying ashes.

Most people knew what had happened a year ago and seeing Li Jie betray a master a second time, most of them had looks of disdain.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were filled with disgust.  She sent out a kick as fast as lightning which slammed into Li Jie’s dantian.  Li Jie was sent flying by the kick.


Li Jie flew through the air and spat out a mouthful of blood, moving seven-eight meters away.  Feeling the spiritual energy quickly leaving his body, Li Jie knew that he was already finished.  Even if he didn’t die today, he could only be a cripple bullied by others from now on.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the shocked guards and the two city guard commanders and coldly said, “The City Lord’s concubine having an affair has ruined the reputation of the City Lord’s palace, but now Madame Li has taken care of it!   Why are you not congratulating Madame Li on her return!”

Hua la!

Everyone seemed like they woke up from a dream.  They heard these words and saw the situation change in front of them, the City Lord’s palace would truly change today!

They all kneeled down and shouted, “Congratulations on the madame’s return!”

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