Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Cooperating with Meng Zhi (Part 2)

Seeing the two people standing at the door, Meng Zhi’s pupils slightly contracted as his heart filled with shock.  Those clothes, they look like the clothes of Blood Enchantress.

He saw the mercenary sitting on the ground in the corner of his eyes.

Meng Zhi knit his brows and kicked the mercenary in the butt, “Embarrassing thing, scram to the side!”

Taking a deep breath, Meng Chi cupped his hands to the two people in front, “Two guests, I gave this token to a friend before, I wonder if the two guests…..”

“If we were enemies, that brother would already be dead.”  The fatty said in a hoarse voice.

Meng Zhi had a smile on his face as he tentatively asked, “Do the two guests have some matter to take care of by coming here today?”

The fatty knew what Meng Zhi was scared off.  After all, the Blood Enchantress name was synonymous to death god in Ningyuan City.

The fatty laughed, “This is not a barren hill, it isn’t a place to talk.  Is commander Meng planning on letting us brothers come in and sit down?”

Not a barren hill?

Didn’t he give this token at the barren hill outside the Heaven Mountain Range!

Meng Zhi’s eyes lit up as he let out a sigh of relief in his heart.  He courteously said, “This Meng has been negligent, please come in!”

After leading the fatty and Shi Qing to the guest hall, Meng Zhi’s breathing was a bit faster.

The fatty stood in the center of the hall and didn’t directly sit down.  He turned to look at the two Blood Wolf Mercenaries members standing at the door, not saying a word.

Meng Zhi understood this person’s meaning and waved his hands at his two brothers, “You can leave.  Tell the other brothers, they aren’t allowed to approach.

There was only Meng Zhi, Shi Qing, and the fatty left in the room.

There was a flash of light in fatty’s hand before he suddenly raised it, sending a black card flying from his hand.


The black card inserted itself into the table.

Meng Zhi looked down at the card, it was the symbol of the Blood Enchantress group!

His confused eyes looked at the two mysterious people in front of him.

The fatty could feel Meng Zhi’s gaze, so he slowly removed the cloak covering his head and revealed his fat face.

Meng Zhi stared right at him and when he saw the fatty’s appearance, he let out a long breath.  He said with a smile, “Brother, you really know how to scare your brother!”

The fatty revealed a grin.

“Brother, you really are from Blood Enchantress?”  Meng Zhi was in a bit of disbelief. Almost the entire city was trying to guess the Blood Enchantress group’s identity, but now their members had actually saved his life not that long ago.

“It must be true.”  The fatty said in a deep voice.

“Then…..”  After a short feeling of pleasant surprise, Meng Zhi calmed down.  The relation the other side had with him wasn’t fake, but they didn’t need to reveal their Blood Enchantress identity to see him.

Since they had come, they must have something they needed from him.  However, was there something in Ningyuan City the Blood Enchantress group couldn’t do?

After a short hesitation, Meng Zhi had thought of many things and he asked, “Since little brother is here today, you must have something you need big brother to do, right?”

The fatty nodded and his expression became serious, “Killing our way into the City Lord’s palace, does old brother dare?”


Meng Zhi understood why the fatty had him send his brothers away.  Killing their way into the City Lord’s palace, once this was done, this was basically going against the royal family.  If this was known, the consequences would be……

Considering it, Meng Zhi asked, “How confident is little brother?”

“With old brother’s people, 90%!”  The fatty revealed a confident smile, “In Ningyuan City, there isn’t much our Blood Enchantress can’t do!”

“What do you need us to do…..”  Meng Zhi knew in his heart that he could only agree to this matter.

He called the fatty brother on the surface, but once he offended the Blood Enchantress group, the Blood Wolf Mercenaries wouldn’t have a good ending.

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