Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: Cooperating with Meng Zhi (Part 1)

“Young master, the elders are prepared, they can cure the young miss.  Do you want to go and watch?” The shadow’s voice rang out.

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were hazed over as he softly said, “Let’s go take a look.”

On the path to the secret chamber, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were cloudy, “Ten years now.  Little sister has been found, it should be time for me to make my move!”


Six hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Arriving in the meeting room, everyone was much more spirited.

Ye Yu Xi looked over them and nodded.  She asked the fatty, “Fatty, when we came back from the Heaven Mountains and met the Blood Wolves, do you still have that token?”

“Right, right, I have it.  This, boss, what do you want to do?”  The fatty took out the token, an iron token with a wolf’s head on it.

“Go to the Blood Wolf Mercenaries’ headquarters.  If their boss is there, have them go to the City Lord’s palace at midnight tonight.  They should all wear black cloaks and wait outside the City Lord’s palace for my orders.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

The fatty turned to leave, but Ye Yu Xi stopped him.

“Wait a minute.  Shi Qing, go with the fatty.  You will bring the Blood Wolves people to guard outside the City Lord’s palace.  Without my orders, other than the City Lord’s wife and the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s people, no one else is allowed to enter.”  After saying this, Ye Yu Xi waved her hand to let the fatty and Shi Qing leave.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned to Ye Wen, “Ye Wen, go to the Dragon Snake Gang.  Have Chang Lin pick out two hundred loyal members and guard the door with fatty.  If the city guards or any other power interfere, kill them all.”

“Yes.”  Ye Wen nodded in acknowledgement.

“Ye Man, go investigate the City Lord’s palace.  Be sure to find the location of the City Lord’s Token.”

Ye Man nodded.  She put on a cloak and left with Ye Wen.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Qing’er who was left and revealed a bloodthirsty smile, “In two hours, we’re heading to the City Lord’s palace.”


The fatty and Shi Qing took an hour to arrive at the Blood Wolf Mercenaries headquarters.


Hua la!

There were two mercenaries guarding the door and seeing two black figures moving towards them, they warily held the blade at their waists.

Shi Qing wanted to speak, but the fatty to the side pulled Shi Qing’s cloak.

The fatty laughed under the cloak and said, “Brothers, answering to others is not the style of our Blood Enchantress.  Watch me.”

The fatty continued moving towards the two mercenaries with the silent Shi Qing.

“Stop!  Don’t blame me for being impolite if you keep moving forward!”  The guard in front shouted.

“Bro, brother, black cloaks.  Would they be part of Blood Enchantress…..”  The other mercenary saw the fatty and Shi Qing’s clothes with the weak light.

The two mercenary guards saw the fatty and Shi Qing’s clothes and their momentum faltered.  The blades in their hands even began to tremble.

The fatty walked forward step by step, raising one hand.

Guang dang!

The blades in the guards’ hands fell to the ground out of fear of the fatty’s movement.  They took two steps back before falling to the ground and saying in a trembling voice, “You, you, what are you doing.”

The fatty raised his hand, but there was no sparkling blade, rather he reached out with a token in hand.  He said in a hoarse voice, “I’m here to see your boss.”

One guard who was fairly calm saw the mysterious person in front of him take out the boss’ token and quickly received it.  He let out a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “Please, please wait a bit. I’ll go report this.”

The fatty and Shi Qing were waiting at the door and in less than two minutes, there were the sounds of quick footsteps coming from within.

Dong, dong, dong!

Hearing these footsteps, it was clear there were quite a few people.

The door was suddenly pulled open.

Meng Zhi stepped out.

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