Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: This life is yours

Shi Qing kneeled on the ground and was silent for a few seconds before saying in a determined voice, “As long as you help me find Shi Ying, my Shi Qing’s life is yours!”

“Good!”  Ye Yu Xi obtained the answer she wanted.  She used her eyes to secretly signal the fatty to the side, having him help pull Shi Qing up from the ground.

Ye Yu Xi could see that Shi Qing was very weak right now.  After being knocked out by her in the Jia Manor, he had slept for several days, not eating or drinking.  If he didn’t have his spiritual energy protecting his body and it was a normal person, he would have starved to death.

Shi Qing was supported by the fatty.  His lips slightly trembled like he was a bit embarrassed as he said in small voice, “Is, is there anything to eat…..”

“There is something in the kitchen, but it should be cold now.”  Ye Yu Xi pointed at the kitchen.

Not only Shi Qing, Qing’er, fatty, and the others, including Ye Yu Xi were all a bit hungry.  From morning until now, they hadn’t eaten anything.

They went to the kitchen together.

Walking through the door, everyone was stunned.

Long Xiao Pang was sitting in a chair, no, it should be accurate to say he was sitting on the table, shoving food into his mouth.

He didn’t even use chopsticks, he just directly took the plates that were bigger than his face and stuffed the food into his mouth.

But Long Xiao Pang did have tastes…..Un…..All the vegetables were picked out, leaving on the meat which he stuffed into his mouth.

A plate of dishes was already half finished by Long Xiao Pang.

The fatty blinked as he looked at Long Xiao Pang as he spoke in a flattering voice, “Big brother Long, these are all cold.  Do you need me to go to the kitchen to cook something warm for you?”

Long Xiao Pang waved his oily little hand as he said with a stuffed mouth, “No need, no need.  Put it there, this taste isn’t bad.”

Ye Yu Xi watched Long Xiao Pang’s happily eating away and estimated that there would be nothing left after he finished.  She could only have Qing’er go to the restaurant and order another table of dishes.

While they were eating, Ye Man asked, “Young miss, will Shi Qing be going back to the Heaven Mountain Range with us?”

Ye Yu Xi considered this, “Shi Qing will stay in the yard for now to do some foundational training.  We’ll head to the Heaven Mountain Range for training in a few days after we take care of the City Lord’s palace matter.”

“Young miss, what do we need to do?”  Ye Man said.

Ye Yu Xi looked at their expressions, they all looked a bit tired.  After running around all last night, they hadn’t rested properly, so she gave the order, “First let’s sleep!  We’ll meet in the meeting room in six hours.”

Everyone returned to their rooms.

Ye Yu Xi returned to her room and considered her plan for tonight.  Although the City Lord’s palace was not strong, in these troubled times, there would be characters like Yan Hua that attacked them, so she should make some preparations.

There was a new plan that appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.  Now that Ningyuan City was in disorder and it had turned into a pool of muddy water, in this kind of environment, it wasn’t strange for any powers to appear or disappear.


Central Plains, Medicine King Valley.

Bai Jin Yi was in his room with a new set of robes.

This quaint room smelt of sandalwood and had an elegant design.  Even the floor was not made of ordinary stone, but rather a white jade tile!

If Ye Yu Xi was here, her mouth would have fallen down in shock.  This floor was made of top grade Ling Tian Jade! It was almost impossible for normal people to obtain a piece of Ling Tian Jade.

Bai Jin Yi actually used this jade to pave his floors.  Living in this kind of place, it was hard not to be strong!

Peng, peng, peng.

Knocks came from the door.

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