Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: Do you not have a brain?

“Shi Qing is awake.”  Ye Wen had a serious expression.


Ye Yu Xi also felt something was wrong.  She moved towards the room Shi Qing had been sleeping in.

This should be a happy matter, so why was Ye Wen this serious?

When they arrived at the room, Ye Yu Xi went through the door.

Shi Qing was sitting on the bed in a daze.

It seems like his little sister was very important to him, otherwise he wouldn’t have this kind of reaction.

Shi Qing’a aura was weak and compared to Shi Qing from the underground arena before, it could be said that he had no fighting will at all.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at Shi Qing.  In front of the eyes of Qing’er and the others, she stepped off and jumped in front of Shi Qing, sending a single hand onto his shoulder.  Shi Qing’s over a hundred pound body was sent flying by a single one of Ye Yu Xi’s hands.

Kacha!  Hua!

Shi Qing’s body was thrown onto the only table in the room and the tea set on the table shattered on the ground.

“Your little sister isn’t dead.  You should cheer up if you’re a man.”  After coldly saying this, Ye Yu Xi used her eyes to signal to the others and they all tactfully followed her out of the room.

There was only Shi Qing left lying on the ground in the room.

Little sister wasn’t dead……

When Shi Qing heard Ye Yu Xi’s words, his eyes began to sparkle as he recalled everything that happened in the past few days.  When he entered the hut in the Jia Manor, he had seen the guards in pools of blood outside, but there wasn’t a single person inside.  Indeed, he didn’t see his little sister.

After this, he lost his mind.  What happened after he lost his mind and how he came back, Shi Qing couldn’t remember at all.

Gradually, Shi Qing began to believe Ye Yu Xi’s words.  Perhaps, his little sister wasn’t dead yet!

As long as there was a trace of hope, he couldn’t give up.

Shi Qing’s sluggish eyes gradually filled with determination.

Even if it was to the ends of the earth, even if he had to search the entire Purple Cloud Continent, he would find Shi Ying!


When Ye Yu Xi’s group were relaxing in the gazebo in the yard.

Shi Qing came out of the room.  His face still looked haggard, but his eyes and expression were different from before.

Ye Yu Xi saw Shi Qing and nodded.  A person without any fighting will, there was no use in her keeping them.

“Why do you say that my little sister isn’t dead, give me a reason.”  Shi Qing looked at Ye Yu Xi in front of him. He didn’t remember much from that day, so he could rely on the people in front of him for details.

Ye Yu Xi looked up and said with a cold smile, “Do you not have a brain?  The two guards were killed with a single slash to the throat, there was no struggle at all.  To be able to do this, one would have to be at least in the sixth spiritual level. With how your sister was a beggar, would a sixth spiritual level expert personally specially come to kill her?”

Giving Shi Qing a few seconds to react, Ye Yu Xi then said, “There wasn’t a trace of blood in the hut and since the hut was containing your sister, there would be nothing in it, so that experts shouldn’t be after any items.  Based on this, can’t you see that your little sister was taken by someone?”

Shi Qing stood there, analyzing the words that Ye Yu Xi said.  He and his little sisters were beggars and if they wanted to kill them, they would have killed them on the spot, without taking his little sister away.


Shi Qing kneeled once again and said in a hoarse voice, “Shi Qing has been rude, I ask the young miss to teach me cultivation!”

Seeing Shi Qing’s decision, Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile, “I can help you reach the height you want to reach and can even help you look for your little sister, but why should I help you?”

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