Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: Don’t move around under me

Ye Yu Xi shook her head and said to Ye Wen at the entrance of the cave, “Is the fatty back yet?”

“Not yet, do you want me to look for him?”  Ye Wen looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  When she wanted to say something, Huo Ling’s voice came from her mind.

“Master, where are you, I brought the fatty back…..Damn fatty!  Don’t move around under me!”

Ye Yu Xi’s face filled with joy and her worried heart finally calmed down.  She said to Huo Ling in her mind, “We are in the cave to the west of the city.”

Ye Yu Xi let out a long breath and waved her hand at Ye Wen at the door, “Ye Wen, come and rest.  The fatty will be here in a while.”

Ye Wen hadn’t sat down for long before the fatty’s loud voice came from outside.

“Huo Ling, we’re here, we’re here.  It’s here, quickly let me down.”

When Ye Yu Xi and the others heard this, they walked out of the cave and looked up.  Several dozen meters up, Huo Ling grabbing the fatty’s cloak swayed as he flew over.

“Good…..”  Huo Ling heard the fatty’s words and chirped a few times in response.  After that, his two claws let go…..”

When fatty was in the air, he noticed that Huo Ling wasn’t heading down, so his face changed as he realized something.  After this, the fatty felt his body begin to fall.

Kacha, kacha!  Putong……

The fatty’s large body broke several branches and he fell onto the grass, raising a large amount of dust.

“Pei, pei!  Huo Ling, damn!  When I said let me down, I meant for you to come down, not for you to open your claws!  Aiyo, this fat master almost fell to his death.” The fatty had his spiritual energy protection.  Although dropping several dozen meters wouldn’t kill him, the impact was still enough to injure him.

The fatty had created a hole in the ground.  The fatty crawled out of the pit with a face covered in dirt and kept spitting out mud from his mouth.

Huo Ling delicately fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.  When he landed, he heard the fatty cursing and chirped back, “Damn fatty, this treasure saved you and you’re still this picky!  I won’t save you next time! No, next time I’ll let you fall to your death!”

Ye Yu Xi talked to the others and confirming that everyone was fine, they sat down to discuss what they needed to do next.

“Fatty, when you escaped, did the Mingyue Sect’s people chase you?”  Ye Yu Xi was very confused by this matter. Properly speaking, that old man Yan Hua was very powerful and he wouldn’t just watch Huo Ling bring the fatty away.

The fatty thought about it and said in an uncertain voice, “That old man wanted to chase me and Huo Ling, but someone called out to stop him.  That person was also an old man and he seemed to be wearing the Spiritualist Guild’s clothes. I didn’t see what happened after.”

Spiritualist Guild?

Ye Yu Xi considered this.  Her only interaction with the Spiritualist Guild was stealing people from elder Jia’s manor and the other side wouldn’t help the Blood Enchantress because of this.

“Huo Ling, do you have any strength left?”  Ye Yu Xi looked down at Huo Ling who was resting.

Huo Ling’s head shrank back and cutely replied to Ye Yu Xi in his mind, “Master, I’m very tired.  This treasure doesn’t want to move…..”

“I’ll treat you to Wood Spirit Fruit tomorrow.”  Ye Yu Xi gave her condition.

When Huo Ling heard the three words Wood Spirit Fruit, he immediately perked up and flapped his wings, “Master, tell me what is it!”

“Go to the mountain behind the Ye Manor and watch the seventh prince’s movements.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a thoughtful voice. She wanted to send Huo Ling back to her little yard, but considering it, she felt the seventh prince’s side needed Huo Ling’s surveillance even more.

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