Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: Take that slut away for me! (Part 3)


They could no longer find a reason to stall, so they charged forward at the two people at the center of the stage.

Ye Yu Xi’s cold eyes swept over them.  When the city guards moved, she coldly snorted, “Kill!”

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er jumped into the city guards at the same time.

For a while, the sounds of weapons colliding and pitiful screams rang out.

Although the city guards were stronger than those Ye Manor guards, when faces with trained killers like Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er, they could be considered unlucky.  This battle soon became one sided.

First, it because there were too many people.  There were only two people, so most of the city guards could only stand on the outside, not seeing the enemies at all.  Second, Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were too fast, the city guards couldn’t react at all. Many people directly died before they could barely see the other side’s back.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were like gods of death on stage, their dagger and sword kept taking people’s lives.

In just a few minutes, there were less than a hundred people left of the original five hundred.  Their weapons were trembling in their hands. They still surrounded Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er, but not a single person dared move forward.


It was silent again!

The City Lord’s concubine’s face turned green and purple, with her face looking very ugly.  Everyone could see that with the City Lord palace’s several hundred people, it was impossible to keep Ye Yu Xi here.

The seventh prince’s dark eyes looked at Ye Yu Xi.   He had just heard from Ye Xing Yong that Ye Xuan Ran had been beaten by Ye Yu Xi.  The matter he had entrusted to Ye Xuan Ran should be known by Ye Yu Xi, so they could no longer co-exist!

“Humph!  Publicly going against the City Lord’s palace.  With me here, if you act so arrogantly, people will say that there is no one in our royal family!”  The seventh prince stood up with a sinister face, casually finding something to say. He gestured to the guard beside him and the guard nodded before running out.

The third prince had a full smile as he looked at his seventh brother.  He didn’t know if his seventh brother regretted letting Ye Yu Xi go, but even if he did, it was too late.  He spoke out and jokingly said, “Seventh brother, isn’t it fine to sit and watch this play, why do you need to be angry.  After all, this is the matter of the Ye Manor, we as outsiders can’t interfere!”

The third prince waved his hand and a guard beside him came forward to shout, “The third prince has decreed that since this is the Ye Manor’s matter, the city guards cannot intervene!  Quickly retreat to the side.”

When the hundred guards on the stage heard this order, they didn’t care if it was real or not, they all fearfully retreated off the stage.  The vigilantly watched Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er on the stage, afraid the two of them would suddenly attack.

At this time, the powers in the audience stand understood something.  This was not just a simple matter of the Ye Manor, the two princes and the Mingyue Sect, there should be some struggle hidden within!

Ye Xing Yong’s eyes were red.  Watching everything, he knew that he couldn’t place anymore hope in the City Lord’s concubine and the seventh prince was suppressed by the third prince, so he couldn’t help for now.  Looking at the two people releasing killing intent in all directions, Ye Xing Yong spat three words through gritted teeth, “Ye! Yu! Xi!”

Flipping in the air and releasing a rich spiritual energy, he sent a palm at Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

Ye Yu Xi raised her eyes and spoke to Qing’er in her mind, “Qing’er, don’t move!”

Ye Yu Xi pushed Qing’er aside after saying this.  She just stood there alone, coldly watching as Ye Xing Yong became bigger in front of her!


Ye Yu Xi did not dodge as her shoulder took the palm from Ye Xing Yong.

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