Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: Blood Poison

There was a jade token and a scroll on the table, as well as a piece of paper.

Ye Yu Xi picked up the paper, the contents were written by Bai Jin Yi.

The paper wrote that his goal in coming to Ningyuan City had been achieved and these two items would be used as compensation for bothering Ye Yu Xi for this period of time.

Ye Yu Xi picked up the two things on the table.  One was a white jade token that was cool to the touch.  There was the word “medicine” written on it and the other side had a cauldron, surrounded by various herbs.  The jade was very exquisite, clearly it cost quite a bit.

According to Bai Jin Yi’s letter, if Ye Yu Xi went to the Alchemist Guild for a test and someone tried to cause trouble for her, she could show the jade token and it would certainly be effective.  As for what status the jade token represented, Bai Jin Yi’s letter did not say, but it did tell Ye Yu Xi to properly take care of it.

Ye Yu Xi picked up that thick scroll.  According to Bai Jin Yi’s letter, when they made their “exchange”, Bai Jin Yi would teach Ye Yu Xi alchemy and Ye Yu Xi would help him cure his poison at a later date.  Because of various reasons, Bai Jin Yi had only taught Ye Yu Xi how to refine pills once and didn’t have the chance to teach Ye Yu Xi other things.

This scroll was filled with all kinds of basic alchemy knowledge and methods to refine pills.  The letter had also mentioned that she should ask the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng problems in terms of materials.

Ye Yu Xi put these two things into her Space Ring and sat in the chair in a daze.

“Don’t think about it, that brat has a Blood Poison in him and staying here will just harm him.  If he doesn’t go back, he’ll die within a year.” Long Xiao Pang’s voice softly rang out in the room.

Long Xiao Pang appeared behind Ye Yu Xi unknowingly.


Ye Yu Xi could heard the meaning in Long Xiao Pang’s words, “You know his background?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the casual looking Long Xiao Pang feeling very surprised in her heart.

Long Xiao Pang pursed his lips, “I have an agreement with that brat, I can’t reveal anything.  But I will tell you one thing, that seventh prince you talk of, in front of your little husband, he’s not even worthy of holding his shoes.”

When Long Xiao Pang said this, Ye Yu Xi’s heart shook.  She could vaguely feel that Bai Jin Yi’s status wasn’t normal, but she never thought it would be this abnormal.  A country’s prince didn’t have the qualification to speak in front of him?

No wonder Bai Jin Yi never gave any opinions on the things happening to them.  With such a background, the things that they met was nothing more than just playing around for him.

“But you don’t need to worry, little girl, you are still quite diligent.  With this dragon master’s help and a few more fortuitous encounters, maybe you can stand on the same height as your little husband in the future.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi’s expression and said a few words of comfort.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xian Pang’s face, not caring about his words of comfort as she seriously said, “You said he’s suffering from Blood Poison?  What kind of poison is it? Why have I never heard of it before.”

Long Xiao Pang gave a disdainful laugh, “Humph, never heard of it.  Little girl, how many experiences can you have in this Ningyuan City?  The Purple Cloud Continent is huge, aren’t there still many things you haven’t seen or heard of before?  Have you ever seen a skull talk? Have you seen a pill obtain a spirit? You…..”

“What kind of poison is Blood Poison!”  Ye Yu Xi didn’t have the mind to listen to Long Xiao Pang’s ridicule, she once again stress her question.

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