Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: I want to leave


Ye Yu Xi brows jumped up, secretly thinking why was he here.  Bai Jin Yi had always stayed in the small room in the back yard since he came to this little yard, so why did he come to the front today?

“What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi walked out of the room and looked at Bai Jin Yi standing in the courtyard.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi’s face and softly said four words, “I want to leave.”

Want to leave…..

Ye Yu Xi couldn’t react for a period of time before she suddenly revealed a trace of a smile, “I bought you, did I allow you to leave!”

Bai Jin Yi did not say anything and turned to leave.

“Stop!”  Ye Yu Xi shouted at Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi’s footsteps paused.

“You, are you still coming back.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice became a bit softer.  When she said this, she was surprised herself over why she would ask this.

Bai Jin Yi was silent for a bit before he revealed a faint evil smile with his back to Ye Yu Xi, “When you are strong enough to dominate the Ice Mist Country, we will have the chance to meet again!”

After saying this, in Ye Yu Xi’s sight, Bai Jin Yi disappeared into thin air.

When Bai Jin Yi left, the yard became silent.

Although she couldn’t understand why he would leave, Ye Yu Xi knew that with Bai Jin Yi’s strength, he definitely had a goal for coming to a place like Ningyuan City.  She just never thought this day would come so soon. Ye Yu Xi had been planning to show her strength in the Ye Manor’s rite of passage and shock Bai Jin Yi.

The fatty and the others leaned against the window, secretly watching the scene in the yard.  The fatty said to Qing’er beside him in a small voice, “Do you think the boss likes Bai Jin Yi?”

“Would you die if you don’t speak!”  Qing’er glared at the fatty! She reached out her hand to pinch the fatty’s arm.  The fatty grimaced in pain, but didn’t dare make a sound.

Ye Yu Xi had heard the fatty when he spoke.  She pulled back some her lost feeling and coldly shouted, “Fatty!”

“Ai, boss, what do you need me for.”  The fatty quickly ran out of the room.

Ye Yu Xi took a deep breath and had her heart calm down.  She turned to the fatty and said, “Shi Qing will stay in your room for the next few days, he can’t wake up temporarily.  We’ll talk again after the Ye Manor’s rite of passage two days from now. Tell Ye Wen and Ye Man to come to the discussion room.”

The discussion room was a special room Ye Yu Xi had Qing’er and the others set aside a few days ago.  There was a large table on it with a simple basin filled with sand, marking most of the major powers in Ningyuan City.

“Young miss, you have orders?”  When Ye Wen and Ye Man came in, Ye Yu Xi was already waiting for them.

Ye Yu Xi pointed at a mountain in the sand basin, “This is the mountain behind the Ye Manor, two days from now, the Ye Manor’s rite of passage will take place at the stage at the foot of the mountain.  All the disciples of the Ye Manor will come forth for the test at that time. You need to pay attention to these places, the Ye Manor should have made preparations here. This matter will be given to Ye Wen.”

Ye Wen nodded and silently remembered the task the young miss had given her.

“Ye Man, you are in charge of watching the City Lord’s palace.  You have to pay attention to how many soldiers the City Lord’s palace sends!”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes fell onto the fatty and Qing’er.  After thinking for a bit, she said, “The fatty will be responsible for finding news on the large families.  Qing’er will temporarily stay at home and I will have Qing’er contact you if anything happens!”

They all nodded.  After confirming that there was nothing else left, they all left and began to collect information based on Ye Yu Xi’s orders.

After the fatty’s group left, Ye Yu Xi had Qing’er return to her room to rest and she also returned to her room.

Entering her room, Ye Yu Xi did not even have time to get on her bed before something on the table caught her attention.

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