Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: We’re charging out

“The person taking you away!”  The fatty said this and suddenly flew out.  He did not use his full strength, but in Shi Qing’s eyes, he was already incredibly fast.

When the fatty was making a move on stage, Ye Yu Xi had already silently left her seat.  She came to the edge of the crowd and searched for Qing’er who just walked out of the ring.

She brought Qing’er to a place with no one around.

“Young miss, why did he go up and make a move.”  After a few days of training, Qing’er’s face was a bit thinner and her aura was much calmer.

“We’ll talk later.  Wear the cloak, the fatty is in trouble!”  Ye Yu Xi threw a cloak to Qing’er as she also put on a cloak with the Blood Enchantress symbol.

When the two of them put on their cloak, there were several arena guards that appeared.

“You two, what are you doing!”  The guards saw Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er both wearing cloaks and felt there was a problem, so he asked them this question.

Ye Yu Xi’s figure disappeared.  Using two hand blades, she knocked two guards out.

She pulled Qing’er beside her, “Go!”

Ye Yu Xi’s group of two arrived at the edge of the ring, ready to meet the fatty.

Because the fatty wasted time with the staff member, when Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er came, fatty was still “struggling” with Shi Qing in the ring.

Shi Qing on the stage saw the fatty’s floating figure and his heart was shocked.  He knew that he met a tough enemy and did not dare be negligent. His body was tensed as he prepared to fight back.

The fatty had been watching Shi Qing from the first day.  While Qing’er had been training over the past few days, he had been checking out Shi Qing, so he knew this brat’s skills in fighting.

The fatty swayed and appeared behind Shi Qing.

Shi Qing seemed like he expected the fatty’s move, ignoring the fatty’s fake move and charging forward, dodging the fatty’s fist.

“Ya, your reactions are fast.”  When the fatty missed, his following speed was even faster as he sent fist after fist at Shi Qing.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er watched the two of them on the stage.  In an instant, the fatty had already sent out five-six punches, but Shi Qing dodged it very closely each time.  Ye Yu Xi could feel that while Shi Qing’s eyes couldn’t keep up with the fatty, he was relying on his instincts to dodge the fatty’s attacks.

Truly a good seedling!

Hearing the footsteps outside, Ye Yu Xi used the secret technique to send her voice to the fatty, “Fatty, stop playing, they’re coming.”

The fatty heard the boss’ voice and his face became serious.  He grumbled, “Brother, sorry!”


The fatty used all his speed and even used the movement technique he used when he chased the Purple Thunder Monkeys.

Flying out, the fatty’s foot landed on the stone plate in front of Shi Qing as his fat face under his cloak revealed a trace of a smile.

Shi Qing’s expression fell.  This time he couldn’t react as he felt a pain from the back of his neck.  His eyes turned black as he lost consciousness.

Dong, dong, dong!

From the fatty sending the arena worker flying with a single kick and knocking out Shi Qing, it was only a few minutes, but the arena had already reacted.  Several dozen guards ran over, holding cold glowing blades as they prepared to deal with Ye Yu Xi’s group.

“Who is it that dare to cause trouble!”  An arena manager led several dozen brothers to block the door, looking at the three mysterious people with a sharp gaze.

Naturally he had heard about the various things that happened in Ningyuan City lately.  Looking at the people in front of him, he could only hope that they weren’t from Blood Enchantress!

Ye Yu Xi sent messages to fatty and Qing’er in her mind, “Fatty, Qing’er and I will open the road in front.  We’re charging out!”

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