Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: Underground fighting ring

Ye Yu Xi and the fatty rushed to the Southern City arena without talking, leaving Bai Jin Yi in the little yard alone who was currently met with an important matter.

“Is what you said true!”  Bai Jin Yi’s face was filled with shock as he looked at the shadow in front of him.

The shadow nodded, “Reporting to the young master, this has already been investigated.  The young miss is indeed still alive, but the young miss’ current situation……”

“Save her.”  A fierce glow flashed in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.

“Young master, from recent investigations, this matter might be related to high level members of the Spiritualist Guild…..”  The shadow did not keep talking. The matter from ten years ago was becoming more and more complicated, as well as implicating more and more people.  If there was a single misstep, the young master would be in danger. After all, this was a remote small kingdom on the Purple Cloud Continent and the young master had that strange poison in him……

Bai Jin Yi’s right fist was clenched and his pupils flashed with red flames.  His voice was filled with killing intent, “Save, her! The Spiritualist Guild, if they are really involved with the matter in the past, my Medicine King Valley and them…..cannot co-exist!”

“Yes!”  The shadow cupped his hands before he disappeared from the yard.


Ye Yu Xi and the fatty rushed the entire way.  With their speed, they arrived in Southern City in half an hour.

The arena was located in the southeast corner of Ningyuan City.  Once they entered Southern City, Ye Yu Xi could feel that the environment here was completely different from Western City.  Western City was much more prosperous and Southern City seemed to be filled with a kind of restlessness.

[TL Note: For people that are confused, southern city is the southern part of Ningyuan City.]

She arrived in front of the arena with the fatty.  The arena’s name was not worth anything less than the Primary Martial Auction Hall, it was a first class power in Ningyuan City.

After paying the entrance fee of two gold coins at the gate, Ye Yu Xi entered with the fatty.

Walking into the main hall of the arena, there were only a few tables and chairs here, just like the main hall of a restaurant.

“Boss, come this way.  After Qing’er and I came here, we finally understood why people call this place the underground fighting arena.”  The fatty led Ye Yu Xi to a side door.

“Could it be the fighting arena is really underground?”

“Boss is smart.”

Ye Yu Xi and the fatty descended the stairs and the sounds of cheering and cursing gradually increased in their ears.

She arrived into a locker room with the fatty and the fatty said to Ye Yu Xi, “Boss, should we use something to cover ourselves up.  There are quite a few people coming here to find excitement, normally they wear masks to stop other people from finding out who they are.”

Ye Yu Xi considered this and took out a cloak from her ring which she draped over herself.

She found a place to sit with the fatty and there were the sharp cries of girls and roars of men coming from beside them.

This fighting arena was like the underground fighting ring on earth, being filled with violence and blood, as well as large amounts of gambling.  Adding in the excitement in the air, it was very easy for people to lose their rationality.

“Boss, it’s the brat on the stage.  He’s famous in this fighting arena, winning several dozen rounds in a row.  I feel like we can consider pulling him in.” The fatty pointed at the two who had just gone onto the stage.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the stage and there was Qing’er walking onto the stage with a mask on.  The one fighting Qing’er was a man who wasn’t that old.

This man didn’t have anything covering his appearance, not afraid to let others to see what he looked like.

Ye Yu Xi watched Qing’er walk onto the stage and she nodded internally.  Qing’er had been fighting for several days and the aura around her was much sharper, like a blade that had a sharper blade.

On the other hand, there was nothing special about the man from his outer appearance.

Under everyone’s shouts, the two people in the arena began to fight.

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