Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Ningyuan City explosion!

As for Bai Jin Yi, Ye Yu Xi decided to have him remain in the yard to watch the house.

After planning the matters for the others, Ye Yu Xi returned to her room to cultivate.  Ye Yu Xi had planned two things for herself, refine pills and cultivate!

Although there was only half a month, Ye Yu Xi planned on charging into the fifth spiritual level.  After the nine seals were added to her body, Ye Yu Xi could feel that her own cultivation speed was much slower.  Even the effects of taking pills was lower compared to before.

While Ye Yu Xi’s group was slowly putting their plan in order, Ningyuan City was exploding!

The baptism of blood in the Floating Fragrance House definitely couldn’t be hidden.  This bloody storm was sent through the city early morning and all kinds of rumours came out.

Then there was the Blood Enchantress’ high profile performance at the Spiritualist Guild.  Taking care of the Southern City’s bully in one move, there was no doubt on their prestige.

Then there were words from the surviving prostitutes from the Floating Fragrance House saying that the bloodbath of the Floating Fragrance House was caused by two mysterious cloaked people.  Connecting the two matters, people could guess that the Floating Fragrance House could be connected to the Blood Enchantress people!

Before the storm had even passed, there were even more important news that came out.  All the bullies from Southern City and Northern City were all killed without missing one.  There was a black card left on them, with a rose on one side and a skull on the other.

Blood Enchantress.  The people of Ningyuan City had already thrown this assassin mercenary group to the back of their head, but unexpectedly after two months, they used this wild method to make all the people of the city remember them in one day!

All the families of Ningyuan City now knew that there was another existence in Ningyuan City that couldn’t be offended!

At night, Ye Yu Xi’s small yard was strangely quiet, but the other people of Ningyuan City couldn’t sleep.

The Ye Manor’s yard.

The seventh prince, Ye Xing Yong, Yan Hua, and Fang Leng Qing were all sitting in the main hall.

“Elder Yan, the people who ambushed us last night were people wearing black cloaks.  Could it be they were a part of the Blood Enchantress group!” The seventh prince looked at Yan Hua with a questioning gaze.

Yan Hua’s face had already recovered to normal.  That kick from last night had given him slight injuries, but he was an alchemist, so with the help of several pills, he was already fine.

Yan Hua’s expression said with a bit of fear, “The assassins wearing cloaks had average cultivations, there’s no need to worry about them.  But that mysterious man that appeared had a powerful might. Even if it was me, perhaps I could fight him if I went all out.”

The seventh prince and Ye Xing Yong just listened to Yan Hua without contradicting him.  If you could fight him, why were you sent flying with a single kick? But Yan Hua was still an alchemist and an elder of the Mingyue Sect, so naturally they couldn’t say it.  The two of them could only flatter him as much as possible.

“There definitely won’t be a problem with Elder Yan present, but there has been news that came from the informant at the Primary Martial Auction Hall.  Ye Yu Xi’s innate talent has already been restored and there seems to be an alchemist behind her. It’ll be my Ye Manor’s rite of passage in a few days, so we hope senior will come.”  Ye Xing Yong’s words were a bit ambiguous, but Yan Hua and Fang Leng Qing could understand the meaning in the words.

Fang Leng Qing gave a cold laugh, “Family Head Ye does not need to worry.  How could alchemists be that easy to meet, otherwise the street would be filled with them!  It’s most likely rumours! With me and Elder Yan here, we won’t let you as the family head lose face.  As for the things you promised us before…..”

“Miss Fang can be assured, there won’t be anything lacking.”  Ye Xing Yong heard Fang Leng Qing’s promise and he had a full smile.  This time, the Ye Manor would soon become a super level family in Ningyuan City!

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