Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Subduing the Dragon Snake Gang

“Your Dragon Snake Gang has many members, the thieves and beggars are all your eyes.  The things that happen between the Ningyuan City powers and the people who come, I think…..they can’t escape your Dragon Snake Gang’s eyes.”

Chang Lin understood when he heard this, the other party wanted them to collect information for them!  This matter was not hard, so he immediately bowed again, “We’ll certainly satisfy senior!”


A black card flew out from underneath the cloak.  There was a red rose on the front and a silver skull on the back.  It was firmly stuck into Qiu Yao Wu’s dead corpse.

“There will be someone in contact with you in the future.  If today’s matters are known, you’ll know the methods of the Blood Enchantress group.”  Ye Yu Xi used both rewards and punishments. After giving them benefits, naturally she had to remind them to hold in their arrogance!

Everyone looked at the Blood Enchantress’ special death god card and immediately replied, “Understood, understood.”

Everyone swore their undying allegiance, after all, no one wanted to be a second Qiu Yao Wu!

Ye Yu Xi under the cloak revealed a cold smile: Seventh prince, a good play is about to begin!

Being sent off by several dozen people kneeling, Ye Yu Xi left the Dragon Snake Gang.

The entire journey was silent…..

She returned to her little yard.  Ye Wen and Ye Man were the first ones back, they were currently doing some basic training in the yard.

Ye Yu Xi could feel the killing intent around them was a bit thicker, so she nodded in satisfaction.  She casually asked, “Do you know anything about the arena?”

Ye Man’s hand stopped, “I heard some things.  They can be considered a first rate power in Ningyuan City, mainly dealing in underground business.  Their backer is the same as the Blood Asura Auction Hall, very mysterious and no one has found who they are.”

With a squeak, the gate was opened.

Ye Yu Xi smelled a faint blood scent and looked at Qing’er with a frown, “You’re injured?”

Qing’er smiled, “It’s fine, just a scratch.”

“Boss, Qing’er isn’t really suited for this line of work.  If it wasn’t for me today, Qing’er might not have been able to come back.”  The fatty sat down in the gazebo, clearly not satisfied with Qing’er’s performance today.

Qing’er narrowed her eyes at the fatty, “Damn fatty, you’re still speaking nonsense!  Who needed you to save me!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the quarreling couple and suddenly had an idea, “You won’t need to accept missions for a while, go and practice your fighting skills in the arena.”


“Young miss!”


Other than Qing’er, the fatty and the others were a bit surprised.  What did the young miss mean, they were going to train more after coming back for just a day?

Only Qing’er knew it her heart that the young miss did this for her.  There was still half a month before the Ye Manor’s rite of passage, there would be a fierce battle at that time and the current her would only hold the young miss back.

“Young miss, the fatty and the others can manage the matters of the mercenary group, I’ll go train at the arena by myself.  I won’t lose face for the young miss!” Qing’er said in a firm voice.

The others finally reacted to why Ye Yu Xi had them go train at the arena.

Ye Yu Xi summoned them into the main hall and simply assigned some matters, “Fatty, go with Qing’er.  Ye Wen and Ye Man are in charge of the mercenary group’s matters temporarily.”

Qing’er went with the fatty to the arena to practice her fighting skills.  Other than being in charge of the training, fatty was also in charge of making their food.  Especially with how big Long Xiao Pang’s appetite was, once Long Xiao Pang ate, it would be enough to feed Ye Yu Xi’s group for three-five days…..

With the Dragon Snake Gang as their eyes, Ye Wen was in charge of contacting the Dragon Snake Gang and for now they would pay attention to the Ye Manor’s movements.

Ye Man was in charge of returning to the Spiritualist Guild to look for more missions and to pay attention to the movements of the City Lord Manor’s little concubine.

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