Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: Congratulations new gang boss


Qiu Yao Wu’s hand was still holding the large blade high up, but there was already a slash on his throat.

Gu, lu, lu!

Qiu Yao Wu’s head was directly cut off with a single slash from Ye Yu Xi, falling to the ground.  It maintained his momentum and rolled forward.

After the one attack, Ye Yu Xi under the cloak had already put the dagger back into her Space Rain.  In that exchange just now, with Ye Yu Xi’s speed, in the eyes of the little brothers, that mysterious person had cut off the boss’ head with their bare hands.  What kind of divine skills was this!

After killing Qiu Yao Wu with a single slash, Ye Yu Xi did not move against the little minions.  She turned back to sit down in the tiger skin chair.


The people in the hall were silent.

Guang dang!

A man who wasn’t that big dropped his weapon and kneeled on the ground.  He slammed his head down and shouted, “Senior, mercy! This little one is willing to submit!”

After saying this, the others seemed to have awakened from a dream as they dropped their weapons and kneeled on the ground, pledging their loyalty.

Ye Yu Xi sat there and pointed at the first man who kneeled, “You, what is your name?”

“This little one, this little one is called Chang Lin.”  The man kneeled on the ground as a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“You’ll be the Dragon Snake Gang boss from now on.”  Ye Yu Xi under the cloak revealed a smile.

“What?”  Chang Lin was stunned first, but he immediately reacted.  He kneeled as he slammed his head, “Thank you for senior’s guidance.  This little one is willing to go through fire and die ten thousand times for senior.”

Ye Yu Xi knew that his words were empty, if he was truly this loyal, he wouldn’t have been the first to beg for mercy.  Ye Yu Xi allowed him to be the boss because she felt this brat’s reaction was quite sharp, so she decided to use him. If she wanted to face the seventh prince and the Ye Manor, it was better the more strength she had!

Ye Yu Xi looked at the people with strange looks in the hall and said in a cold voice, “Chang Lin will be the boss here from now on.  You didn’t see me today, understand?”



A kinds of promises sounded out.

“Senior, we will never mention today’s matter, only how will we find senior from now on?”  Chang Lin tentatively asked. He was clear that by killing Qiu Yao Wu and allowing him to be the boss, even if he was blind, he could tell that the other still had uses for them!

Ye Yu Xi stood up and nodded, she really didn’t find the wrong person.  There was a flash of light in her palm under the cloak and there was an extra white jade bottle.

When the kneeling people saw Ye Yu Xi take out a bottle, they knew there was a pill inside and each one of them had ugly expressions.  They knew that some forces gave their slaves pills that stopped them from betraying them! If these pills were used on them……

Ye Yu Xi swept over them with disdain as the thoughts of these people were shown on their faces, how could Ye Yu Xi not understand them, but she didn’t care.  In front of them, she opened the white jade bottle, instantly releasing a rich medicinal fragrance that filled the hall, covering up the smell of blood from before!


The hall fell into silence a second time.  These Dragon Snake Gang little brothers couldn’t understand what this mysterious person was planning.

Ye Yu Xi corked the white jade bottle and said to these people, “There are Purple Spirit Pills in this bottle, I won’t talk about their effects.  For good things and contributions, our Blood Enchantress has…..this thing!” After saying this, the eyes of these people filled with envy. She threw the white jade bottle to Chang Ling and softly added, “This is for you, congratulations to the new gang boss.”

Chang Lin was filled with joy when he received this bottle!  With this pill, his strength could increase by at least a level which would be enough to suppress these little brothers!

Immediately after hearing Ye Yu Xi’s words, Chang Lin cautiously asked, “Senior, what do you require our Dragon Snake Gang to do?”

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