Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: Gang boss Qiu Yao Wu

There were several dozen people in the front hall, but it was strangely silent.

These Dragon Snake Gang little brothers all had their blades out and their blades were all pointed in one direction, pointed at the same person.

Ye Yu Xi had a black cloak on as she sat on a tiger skinned chair.  There were two dead bodies in front of her feet and she didn’t put these people in her eyes at all.

“Put him down!”

Qiu Yao Wu’s deep and dark voice came from the group as he walked out of the crowd.  He looked at the injured or dead brothers on the ground before looking at the mysterious person.  There was a trace of anger on his face, “Your excellency is from the Blood Enchantress group? My Dragon Snake Gang have no grudge with you and have even submitted work for you in the Spiritualist Guild, but you harmed several of my brothers, what is the meaning of this!”

Ye Yu Xi leaned back in the chair, looking very dominant.  She deliberately changed her voice and slowly said, “Your Dragon Snake Gang has a second leader who was killed by a person with a single slash three months ago…..”

After saying this, the pretty face under the cloak revealed a smile and the voice became a bit higher, “I did it!”


Almost all the little brothers took a step back in fear!

Three months ago, the gang boss had offered a thousand gold coins for the murderer.  However, now that the murderer was right in front of them, not a single person dared to try take this money!

“Old second’s strength isn’t good, I won’t chase his death.  How about we just let this matter go!” Qiu Yao Wu stared at Ye Yu Xi in front of him.  On the surface he looked like he was making a compromise, but he had already raised his spiritual energy, preparing to make a move.

Ye Yu Xi did not say a word and the atmosphere in the hall became strange.

Inside the chaotic space, Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang were leisurely sitting on the stage.  Once Qiu Yao Wu in the hall activated his cultivation technique, Huo Ling’s expression suddenly became serious and he said to Ye Yu Xi, “Master, that person is not a good person.  This treasure hates the aura he has around him!”

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi who was planning to talk was surprised.  After being together for this long, Ye Yu Xi was clear on Huo Ling’s specialties.  Huo Ling was very sensitive to heavenly treasures with spiritual energy and he had an innate rejection of poisonous and evil things.

Since Huo Ling said this, the person in front of her wasn’t a good person.  He was either cultivating an evil or poisonous cultivation technique, or there was something evil on him!

Thinking of this, Ye Yu Xi changed what she wanted to say.  She gave a laugh with her hoarse voice, “For people that want to kill me, do you think there is a need to be friends!”

“Since it’s like this, your excellency can just…..”  Qiu Yao Wu did not finish speaking before he raised his hand to attack!  The spiritual energy inside his palm wrapped around Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi hidden by the cloak slightly knit her brows.  The spiritual energy of the person in front of her was a bit fishy, he really wasn’t a good person!

She sent a fist out.  Both sides only used half of their strength, testing the other side.

Ye Yu Xi flipped and landed in front of the chair.  She removed the energy surrounding her.

Qiu Yao Wu was forced back four-five steps with a strange expression on his face.  His spiritual energy cultivation was clearly higher, but when they clashed, the spiritual energy around his fist had actually collapsed.

Knowing that the other side’s spiritual energy was strange, he did not dare be negligent.  He reached out to grab a blade from a little brother before rushing out to meet the mysterious person.

Ye Yu Xi’s large cloak suddenly fluttered up.  Ye Yu Xi’s palm hidden by the cloak was holding the Soul Devourer Blade, but it seemed like she was rushing at Qiu Yao Wu empty handed.

Ye Yu Xi knew that the person in front of her couldn’t compare to the little minions.  She used all her strength and even used the movement technique she trained in the Heaven Mountain Range!

Ye Yu Xi hidden by the cloak was incredibly fast, leaving behind a shadow in everyone’s eyes.

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