Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Assigning missions

The man who caused trouble was first class in Southern City, his strength was in the fourth spiritual level, but he had been taken care of with a single move from the Blood Enchantress group!  Just this move was enough to shock Ningyuan City!

Ye Yu Xi led the others out of the city and when she was certain no one was following them, they took off their cloaks.

“Aiyo, this trip has choked me to death!”  Once she took off the cloak, Qing’er couldn’t wait to complain.  Normally Qing’er loved to talk and after not talking for a while, she felt constricted.

The fatty also had a relieved look as he let out a long breath.  He talked to Ye Yu Xi about what happened in the Spiritualist Guild, “Boss, you have quite a few grudges, there were a total of over ten missions on you.  There are already four-five groups that already want your life…..”

Ye Yu Xi had a speechless expression.  She had been thinking on the road that she does have too many grudges.  The seventh prince, the Ye Manor, the Li family, the Dragon Snake Gang, the City Lord little concubine, the arena….Alright, four to five…..it isn’t much.

Ye Yu Xi looked over everyone.  Everyone gathered together and looked over a map of Ningyuan City, preparing their afternoon’s mission.

They took a total of six missions.  Ye Yu Xi naturally didn’t accept these for money, it was to increase the strength of Ye Wen, Ye Man, and the others.  Going through life and death was the quickest way of progressing. So, when Ye Yu Xi was accepting the missions, she had looked over their details.  She wouldn’t kill good or filial people!

The accepted quests would focus on killing evil people.  Of course, Ye Yu Xi had also paid attention to the missions on her life.  For the people that wanted her dead, Ye Yu Xi would show no mercy!

“Ye Wen, Ye Man, you two are a team, there’s a total of three missions for you.  Qing’er, fatty, the two of you will go to Southern City take care of these two people.”  Finally Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi, but the latter spoke first.

“All of you work hard, I’m going home.”

Everyone: “…..”

Ye Yu Xi could only give the final mission to herself and Bai Jin Yi went home to watch the house.  The five members of the Blood Enchantress group left for Ningyuan City on three different roads.

Ye Yu Xi swept over the map, confirming that the Dragon Snake Gang was in the center of the city.  With a cold laugh, she put on her cloak again and headed towards the Dragon Snake Gang.


The Dragon Snake Gang headquarters.

The Dragon Snake Gang’s head Qiu Yao Wu was currently sitting naked inside a secret room.  In front of Qiu Yao Wu, there was a young naked woman.

Qiu Yao Wu held a black pill which he swallowed, after which his hands made a strange seal.  Activating his cultivation technique, he swallowed the spiritual energy and vitality from the girl, taking it all into his body.

This kind of cultivation, if Ye Yu Xi was here, she would have noticed that this was an evil cultivation technique!  It was a bit like her own «Dark Poison God’s Art».

“Boss!  Boss! This is bad, something’s happened!”

A servant called out anxiously outside the secret room.

Qiu Yao Wu slowly stopped cultivating.  Opening his eyes, there was a trace of blood flashing in it.

Opening the door, Qiu Yao Wu had a frown, “What is it!  Acting so panicked!”

“Boss, come and take a look quickly!  There is a mysterious cloaked person here!  It seems to be someone from the Blood Enchantress assassin group!  Dozens of our brothers have already been killed in the main hall! Our brothers can’t stop them!”

Qiu Yao Wu’s eyes stared at him, “What?”  He quickly ran to the front hall.

A well connected gang like the Dragon Snake Gang had a very fast net of information.  When Ye Yu Xi’s group left the Spiritualist Guild and before they even left the city, their heroic deeds were already sent to the Dragon Snake Gang.

Qiu Yao Wu had even told his subordinates to never offend the “Blood Enchantress” group, so why was the other side attacking them in the blink of an eye?

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