Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Ningyuan City’s chaos

Ye Yu Xi was also attracted out by the fatty’s shouting.

The fatty put down his stuff and said with an excited expression, “You haven’t gone out so you don’t know yet, but Ningyuan City is in complete chaos now.  That brothel called Floating Fragrance House was completely bathed in blood last night! What Old Bao Zi, what guards, they were all killed, but there weren’t many prostitutes and maids killed.  Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Hearing the fatty’s words, everyone had different expressions.  They all knew in their heart what happened, but no one said anything.

“Go and cook since you’ve bought everything, we’re going to the Spiritualist Guild in the afternoon to accept a mission.”  Ye Yu Xi took a glance at the fatty.

The eyes of the Qing’er and the others lit up.  The things they learned these past few days, they finally had a chance to use them!

The fatty looked at the sky and was a bit confused, “Boss, we just ate breakfast that that long ago.  It just became morning, it’s still two hours before noon!”

“Long Xiao Pang said there weren’t enough roasted rabbits last night, he wants you to cook some more.”  Ye Yu Xi turned back into her room.

The fatty walked into the kitchen with a depressed expression.  If he didn’t know that Huo Ling didn’t eat meat, he would have suspected that Long Xiao Pang was a transformed Huo Ling!

When it was noon.

Ye Yu Xi and the others gathered around the table to eat, but Long Xiao Pang was not at the same table as them.

Long Xiao Pang and Huo Ling sat a table by themselves.  Huo Ling didn’t eat with Ye Yu Xi before, after all, they didn’t eat the same things.  However, once Long Xiao Pang appeared, even if Huo Ling was not willing, he would say that he wanted to eat with his master every day.  He couldn’t let Long Xiao Pang surpass him!

So the following scene appeared.

Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang sat at a large table by themselves.  Long Xiao Pang had all kinds of roasted meat on his side and he even sprinkled condiments on while he ate.

Although Huo Ling’s food took up half the table, compared to Long Xiao Pang’s food, it was much more temperate.  Huo Ling had various kinds of green grasses and herbs. The two of them also argued while eating.

“Huo Ling, how can you eat that broken stuff!  There’s no taste at all!” Long Xiao Pang had a chicken leg in each hand.

Huo Ling looked up and swallowed the Spirit Grass in his mouth.  He chirped back, “This treasure is happy! How is that roasted meat any good, there’s no spiritual energy at all!”

Only when the two of them argued, all fatty and the others heard was a person speaking and a bird chirping.

“You’re going to the Spiritualist Guild in the afternoon?”  Bai Jin Yi suddenly asked Ye Yu Xi.

“Un?  You’re interesting in this?”

Bai Jin Yi put down his tableware, “I’ll go with you.”  Leaving behind a group of confused people, he left the dining hall alone.

There were crowds bustling around on the road to the Spiritualist Guild.

There was a group of people with special clothes.

A total of six people with five of them wearing black clothes.  From the size of the cloaks, there were fat and thin, tall and short people among them.  What was even more eye catching was that there was a white cloaked person behind the black clothed people.  Looking at the material of the cloak, they knew it was expensive.

The black cloaks completely covered the five of them, but there was a bright red rose on the backs of the cloaks!  There was a silver skull underneath the rose and the stem of the rose was stuck in the skull’s eyes, as if it was growing out of the skull.

These cloaks were meticulously made, giving people a chilling and strange feeling.

That white cloak was even more magnificent.  When the sun shined on it, it was as if released a layer of golden light.  There was also a pattern on its back, but it wasn’t a rose and skull, rather it was a silver dragon!  When the cloak moved, it was like the silver dragon was alive, preparing to fly off the cloak.

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