Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Saved

Yan Hua and Fang Leng Qing attacked Ye Man at the same time.

Ye Wen had already exchanged over a hundred moves with Ye Xing Yong, almost running out of spiritual energy.  She was already at a disadvantage and if they kept fighting, she would surely lose.

Ye Man fell to the ground injured.  Seeing Yan Hua charging at her, she knew it would be hard for her to escape today.


A black clothed man appeared from the sky and protected Ye Man behind him.

“Quickly leave!”  The man coldly said these two words to Ye Man on the ground and charged at Yan Hua alone.

Ye Man looked at the carriage unwillingly.  She knew that the seventh prince was inside, but with her strength……Gritting her teeth, she picked up the sword beside her and rushed to Ye Wen fighting a rough fight to the side.

The black clothed man looked at Yan Hua in front of him and gave a cold laugh.  Sending out a kick, it was so fast that Yan Hua couldn’t see a shadow with his seventh spiritual level cultivation.


Yan Hua’s body flew out, just like Ye Man when she was kicked.

This situation suddenly changing made all the people present a bit stunned.

Ye Xing Yong waved his blade and vigilantly watched the situation.

Ye Wen and Ye Man looked at each other before nodding and running towards the end of the street.

Ye Xing Yong, Fang Leng Qing, Yan Hua, and the seventh prince in the carriage, they were all silent as they stood there without moving.

The black clothed man just stood there, waiting for Ye Wen and Ye Man to leave before giving a cold laugh.  Jumping up, he disappeared in the curtain of rain.

“Young miss Fang, Elder Yan, seventh prince, are you all alright?”  Ye Xing Yong saw the black clothed man leave before letting out a sigh of relief.  He quickly came over to see the situation.

These people all had the same question in their heart.  The black clothed man had clearly helped the other side, so why didn’t he hurt them?


Qing’er quickly ran into Ye Yu Xi’s room, “Young miss!  Young miss! They’re back and Ye Man is injured!”

Ye Yu Xi opened the door and her eyes focused, “Go, we’re taking a look.”

When she arrived in Ye Wen and Ye Man’s room, she could feel a faint killing intent coming from the two of them.  Although it wasn’t deep, there was a trace of it coming from them.

She looked at Ye Man’s injuries and they weren’t very serious.  The outer injuries were a bit serious, but there weren’t any internal injuries.  With Ye Yu Xi’s Origin Return Pill, she would heal in a day or two.

When Ye Wen and Ye Man returned to the little yard, there was another person who arrived in the backyard.

Bai Jin Yi was standing in front of the window as usual when the shadow respectfully appeared behind him.

The strange thing was that although it was pouring outside, the shadow did not have a single drop of rain water on him when he came in.

“Did you save them?”  Bai Jin Yi softly asked.

“Yes, this subordinate met them by coincidence.”

“How is the investigation going.”

The shadow respectfully replied, “Reporting to the young master, it has been investigated.  There was indeed a person who escaped the Zhao Manor in the past, currently this subordinate is tracking them.”

The shadow thought for a bit before deciding to tell Bai Jin Yi something, “Young master, Li Fei Zhang came to Ningyuan City a few days ago.  Currently he is in the Spiritualist Guild and this subordinate does not know what to do.”

“Un, I know.”  Bai Jin Yi waved his hand to let the shadow leave.

It was raining again, there seemed to be a little girl who appeared in front of Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.  You were afraid of thunder when it rained, are you still afraid now…..

The next morning.

The fatty went out to buy some things and he came back with an excited face.

“Boss, boss, something happened, something happened!  Ningyuan City is in chaos!” As soon as the fatty came in, he began to shout.

“Damn fatty, what are you shouting for!  What happened?” Qing’er’s group was currently cultivating in the yard.  When they heard the fatty’s voice, they looked at the fatty who just came back.

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