Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Returning to the city

After a minute, Blade Three’s little brothers were all lying on the ground.

“Little brother, I have to thank you for today’s matter.  If you need anything in the future, come find our Blood Wolf Mercenary Group in Ningyuan City.  Big brother will do anything I can do!” Meng Zhi gave the fatty a token and there was the mark of the Blood Wolf headquarters in Ningyuan City on it.

The fatty took it and said in a polite voice, “I was just passing through and it was this idiot whose words were too infuriating, otherwise…..”

“Fatty, we’re leaving!”  Ye Yu Xi called out to the fatty, as she moved towards the inn at the bottom of the mountain.

The fatty waved at Meng Zhi, “I’ll visit if I have the chance!  Ai! Boss, wait for me.”

“Big brother, what kind of person is that fatty?  He’s so strong. Blade Three was in the peak fourth spiritual level, but he was killed with a single slash.”  A mercenary moved beside Meng Zhi. Watching the fatty’s group leave, his voice was filled with shock.

Meng Zhi shook his head, “I’ve only met him once.  I thought he was a rich family’s young master, but it seems like it isn’t as simple as I thought it was.”

“That’s right, that little girl’s skills aren’t bad either.  However, even with how good the fatty was, he still called that girl boss.  Luckily their group was there to help us.”

Meng Zhi’s eyes filled with a bit of hesitation.  He looked at the brother beside him and said with a trace of disbelief, “Doesn’t the boss of the fatty look like the Ye Manor’s young miss, Ye Yu Xi!”


Ye Yu Xi didn’t know if the Blood Wolf members guessed her identity or not, but Ye Yu Xi didn’t care at all.  If she cared, she wouldn’t have had the fatty make a move.

Handing over a few gold coins, they retrieved their horses and quickly rode off towards Ningyuan City.

Hong, long, long, hong, long, long!

Ye Yu Xi had only traveled half the distance when the clear sky was suddenly covered in clouds and the sound of thunder rang out.  It seemed like there would be a storm not long from now!

Ningyuan City, it seemed like it was using this way to ring in Ye Yu Xi’s return.

When they returned to their yard, it began to rain outside.

Ye Yu Xi stood at the window, not moving at all as she watched the rain fall outside.  Occasionally, there would be one or two flashes of lightning that lit up Ye Yu Xi’s face.

Today could be the final day of peace.

Only when the sky became dark did someone knock on the door and disrupt the silence.

“Young miss, young miss?  Are you there?” Qing’er called out in a soft voice outside the door.

Ye Yu Xi came back to her senses, “Come in.”

Qing’er rushed in and her voice had a trace of nervousness, “Young miss, Ye Wen and Ye Man are gone.  Their night clothes and weapons are also gone!”

Ye Yu Xi watched the rain fall outside, “Did they go out in the afternoon?”

“Ye Wen didn’t.  Big sister Man said that we were missing some things in the house and would out to buy them, but she came back in the evening.”  Qing’er thought about it and replied.

Ye Yu Xi nodded her head, signalling that she understood.

“Young miss!”  Qing’er still wanted to say something, but Ye Yu Xi raised her hand to cut her off.

“I know this matter already.  Go and rest now, we still have things to do tomorrow.”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand to let Qing’er leave.

The room became quiet once again.

Ye Yu Xi muttered, “Has it begun……”


Fireworks Alley, Floating Fragrance House.

It was dark and Old Bao Zi was preparing to start her nightly business.  She called the maids to do work.

“Wipe that flower vase a bit cleaner!  You, you, you, that tea cup isn’t straight, are you blind!  Aiyo, all of you worthless people, do you need this old lady to care about these little things.”  Old Bao Zi waved the handkerchief in her hand, standing at the door waiting for “business”.

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