Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: We, want your life!

With the rain outside, there were no people on the street.  She couldn’t bring in the guests she wanted, making her feel very anxious.  She gave up on standing by the door and left the door ajar as she sat in the hall while complain, “This damn sky.  It was fine this afternoon, why did it suddenly rain? It cost this old lady quite a few silvers.”

With a chiya sound, the door opened and two people came in.

“Yo, two masters, this dress is very new.  What kind of fun do these two masters want…..”  Old Bao Zi looked at the two mysterious people wearing cloaks in front of her and skillfully appraoched them.

Guang dang!

The door was slammed closed and was locked from inside.

“Two guests, this is?”  Old Bao Zi’s face began to change.  Someone who frequently dealt with others, she immediately felt something was off!

“We want something from you.”  The voice of the person under the cloak was hoarse, it could barely be recognized as female.

Old Bao Zi’s brows jumped up and her voice became much colder, “He, he, what do the two guests plan on taking?”

“We…..want your life!”


The hand under the cloak suddenly came up and a slash was sent out.

Old Bao Zi’s eyes went wide and her hands tightly held her neck, but her palms could not stop the wildly flowing blood.

“Ge, ge, ge, ge.”  Old Bao Zi struggled to say something, but she could only make ge, ge sounds.

Shua, shua, shua!

Another few slashes came out and Old Bao Zi’s body was slashed to pieces, completely killed!

“Ah——”  A maid to the side gave an ear piercing cry, waking up the entire Floating Fragrance House.

Several dozen Floating Fragrance House thugs came out with clubs and swords, standing opposite the two mysterious cloaked people.

Ye Wen and Ye Man under the cloaks looked at each other with eyes filled with coldness!  The sword in their hand came up and their figures disappeared.


The sounds of screams and weapons clashing filled the house.

The screams and sounds of fighting inside the Floating Fragrance House were covered up by the thunder outside.


After an hour.

The closed doors to the Floating Fragrance House was opened from inside and Ye Wen and Ye Man walked out.  Their cloaks was covered in blood, but the rain washed it off.

“Big sister Man, let’s head back.”  Ye Wen could not see Ye Man’s expression, but she could vaguely feel something was still on her heart.

After a few seconds of silence, Ye Man said, “You head back first, I still have something to do.”  Ye Man left when she finished speaking.

“I’ll come with you!’  Ye Wen quickly followed Ye Man.

Ye Man wanted to say something, but Ye Wen behind her stopped her, “Big sister Man, we are all the young miss’ people and are sisters that can go through life and death together.  Your matter is my matter!” Ye Wen’s voice was firm.

Ye Man said nothing else and turned to walk down the alley.

Ye Wen followed Ye Man and the two of them passed through two streets before stopping.  They jumped onto the roof and waited on both sides of the street.

They laid on the roof without moving, waiting for some people to appear.

Da, da, da, da, zhiya, zhiya.

There was a carriage that appeared at the front of the street.  There were seven-eight guards on high horses in front, with a carriage in the middle, and seven-eight guards following behind.

Inside the wide carriage, there were only four people sitting there, not feeling crowded at all.

“Seventh highness, Elder Yan, and Miss Fang, to have you watching our rite of passage in a few days is our Ye Family’s thousand year of blessings.”  Ye Xing Yong sat the furthest out, respectfully speaking to the others.

Elder Yan and Miss Fang had just agreed to come to the Ye Manor’s rite of passage.  If the various forces of Ningyuan City were invited in the end, the Ye Manor would have a higher position.  The Mingyue Sect and the royal family, they were things that normal people could not offend!

“When your Ye Manor’s rite of passage is over, we still have things to do.  Our main reason for coming this time is to find some things.” Fang Leng Qing looked at Ye Xing Yong who was several decades older than her in a very haughty manner.

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