Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Meeting Blood Wolf again

The fatty and Qing’er nodded before moving forward.  

Ye Yu Xi’s group group followed behind them.

“Meng Zhi, obediently take the things out.  I can let go of your Blood Wolf people!”

“In your dreams!  Blade Three, don’t think I’ll be afraid of you just because you have the arena behind you.”

The fatty and Qing’er came forward.  The fatty’s eyes were sharp, following the voice to see the people talking.

“Boss, it’s the Blood Wolf people we met in the inn!”  The fatty looked back at Ye Yu Xi with a questioning look, asking if he should help or not.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  The Blood Wolf people had left a bit of an impression on her.  Although they weren’t good people since they were mercenaries, at least the impression they gave her wasn’t bad, so it didn’t hurt for them to help.

When the fatty and Qing’er received Ye Yu Xi’s orders, they no longer hid themselves and took out their weapons to join the battle.

“Everyone, why are you fighting in broad daylight.  Give this one some face and how about we just leave it here!”  The fatty separated the two of them with one slash, temporarily breaking up the battle.

“Little brother!”

“It’s none of your business!”

The leaders of both sides spoke at the same time.

The Blood Wolf’s leader Meng Zhi recognized the fatty.  There weren’t many people that could casually throw out a grade one pill!  Even after two years, Meng Zhi still recognized him with one glance.

Blade Three’s people directly cursed out at him.  A brat that didn’t even have any hairs growing, what face would they give him?  Who the fuck are you!

“This brother, you should clean your mouth a bit.  The Heaven Mountain Range is not your backyard!” The fatty narrowed his eyes and glared at Blade Three.  This brat’s mouth was asking to be beaten!

Meng Zhi said to the fatty, “Little brother, big brother has to thank you for participating in today’s matters.  This Blade Three is in the peak fourth spiritual level and there is the arena behind him. You shouldn’t step in murky waters, they are not easy to deal with.”

“Humph, take out the Green Wood Wolf Skin if you know you can’t offend us.  This blade master’s mood is good, I don’t want to kill today.” Blade Three pointed at the fatty with his blade and arrogantly scolded, “Brat, you should scram now.  There is nothing for you here!”

“He, he.”  The fatty laughed out in anger at Blade Three’s words, inciting the fatty.  He tightly held the cold glowing blade in his hand and grinned at Blade Three, “I’ll fuck you up!”

A single slash flew out.  After two months of training, the fatty turned into a shadow.  Blade Three did not even have time to react before he was cut in half by the fatty, not even having time to close his mouth.

After a short silence.

“That fatty killed big brother!  Brothers, kill him!”

When the several dozen younger brothers of Blade Three saw their big brother being killed, they were instantly incited as they slashed their blades at the fatty.

“Go!”  Meng Zhi saw that Blade Three’s little brothers were charging at the fatty and gave his orders to his several dozen brothers beside him.

Shua, shua, shua!

Naturally the fatty wouldn’t stand there and wait for them, he brandished his blade to fight.  Qing’er also raised the sword in her hand and entered the battle, sharing the fatty’s pressure.

The battle was already one sided.  The highest cultivation Blade Three was already cut down with a single slash from the fatty, the other little brothers weren’t a match at all.

Ye Yu Xi watching the battle on the side saw many things.  The fatty was fine, there wasn’t a problem there. As for Qing’er…..there were a few problems.

Qing’er had passed the two months of training and her strength had soared.  This group of little brothers couldn’t harm Qing’er, but Qing’er’s blade unconsciously avoided the fatal points of these people.  The fatty’s slashes were always fatal, but Qing’er kept merely injuring them.

“It can’t keep going on like this.  Qing’er and Ye Wen are strong enough, but they don’t have any killing intent.  This matter needs to be considered.” Ye Yu Xi thought to herself. Killing intent was something absolutely necessary to assassins.

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