Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Third grade pill

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s words seemed like he was revealing Bai Jin Yi’s trump card, but it also made Bai Jin Yi’s status even more mysterious!

A genius alchemist with a deep power and possessing a Strange Flame was actually willing to be auctioned off as a slave by the Blood Asura Auction Hall.  If it was said there wasn’t an inside story, no one would believe it!

Especially after Ye Yu Xi saw Bai Jin Yi kill that terrifying Dragon Snake.  With his strength, if he wanted to escape the auction hall, it could be done in minutes.  Just why did Bai Jin Yi come to Ningyuan City?

There was a giant question mark in Ye Yu Xi’s heart.  Every time she understood something about Bai Jin Yi, there would always be more mysteries waiting for her.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about it.  A mass of even stronger spiritual flame was thrown into the cauldron.

One herb after the other was thrown in to be refined, purified, and melted into spiritual liquid.

The final main ingredient, the Purple Source Berry was thrown in and the spiritual energy inside the cauldron became wild.  It seemed like it wanted to break out of the cauldron, but it was suppressed by a mysterious energy.


The cauldron shook as the wild spiritual energy was condensed, becoming a pill.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the ten pills inside the cauldron and shook her head with a bit of disappointment.  She had used all her abilities, but while these pills could not be considered failures, they were not considered a success.  The formula had clearly written that Purple Thunder Pills had a purple body and a silver glow to it, giving it the most optimal effect.

These ten Purple Thunder Pills were lacking the important silver glow and they were more like Purple Spirit Pills……

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng kept standing on one side and the rabbit in his hand had already been eaten even to the bones.  He looked at Ye Yu Xi with a satisfied look, “Little girl, don’t fret, this dragon master will help you.”

Huo Ling sat on the ground and watching his master talking to his “enemy”, he pouted, “Humph, what’s so incredible about knowing alchemy.  This treasure knows…..this treasure knows how to eat! Baji, baji.” Huo Ling forcefully chewed the Spiritual Grass in his mouth, angrily glaring at the tall and short figures standing by the cauldron.


After putting the ten pills into a jade bottle, another mass of flames was thrown into the cauldron, burning intensely.

The materials were refined one by one as Ye Yu Xi’s forehead began to sweat.  Only now did Ye Yu Xi realize that although her foundations had increased, the spiritual energy in her body had reached the third spiritual level.  One of the drawbacks of alchemy appeared. She didn’t have enough spiritual energy, so the spiritual energy flames inside the cauldron became unstable.

If this continued, the pills would “fail” again!


When Ye Yu Xi gritted  her teeth and wanted to refine the Purple Source Berry, the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng finally made a move, or more accurately, his mouth moved.  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng breathed into the cauldron and instantly a medicinal smell diffused. When Ye Yu Xi smelled this medicinal fragrance, she felt the spiritual energy inside her recover a bit.


The pills condensed and Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.  From the medicinal smell coming from the cauldron, she could tell that she had succeeded.  Although she had succeeded with the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s power, Ye Yu Xi didn’t care right now.

When Ye Yu Xi saw that there weren’t ten pills and there were only five pills inside the cauldron, she was a bit stunned.

“You don’t need to look.  A third grade pill can only refine five each time.  The higher the grade of the pill, the less will be refined.  For pills of the fifth grade and above, each set of ingredients can only reefine one pill.”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng could see what Ye Yu Xi was thinking.

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